Good Morning

Good Morning

This film is to remind us to stand united and continue to strive for a better, more connected world where all are respected as equals. We might think or look differently but in the end we are all human beings. We hope this piece conjures up some inspiration to act with strength and compassion in all of our daily interactions.

Let us stand together.

Director and Composer – Michael Marantz
Director of Photography – Tim Sessler
Producers – Jake Paque and Tay McEvers
Executive Producers – Noah Meisner and Michael Marantz
Edited by – Nicholas Davis
Additional Edit by – Kim Pellnat
Produced by Already Alive

Spoken Word Written and Performed by – KAMAU

This is not the dream.
Divided and confused.
We dreamt a dream dwindling,
descending to where dreams die.
Somewhere between doubt and its defense
Lies a field of broken aspirations
A sea of not seeing because seeing is believing
And if we dare to truly believe, then we must commit.
Wake up!
We dreamt a dream a dream dwindling, an ember in the winter breeze,
Our precious fleeting freedom
the present I,
Now is not the time to wallow in the trenches of despair
I said, wake up, wake up!
Our presence defies hatred
We must engage, we must build and protect self tenaciously,
Regardless of its casing, regardless of its color of its gender, of its belief
We must protect
we are soft but not weak,
We grow, learn, adapt, live
Like grass through concrete,
And Conquer
Every fear of difference with study, understanding, and gratitude for
The very breath that gives to any, gave to every
Breath is Breath, and of Breath
Love is…
Good Morning.
I said Good Morning!
Our work has just begun.

Production Coordinator – Ethan Lee
Assistant Director – Luis Restrepo
2nd Assistant Director – Isabelle McKusick Marantz
Assistant Camera – Filipp Penson
2nd Assistant Camera – Sandy SooHoo
Gaffer – John Hayden Busch
Best Boy – Vincent Davino
Key Grip – Jake A. Kump
Swings – Stefan Matwijec and Jose Bonilla
Aerial Cinematography – Brooklyn Aerials

Harlem School of the Arts Dance Team
Movement Consultant – Aubrey Lynch II
Brittany Alvarez
Eli Klotz
Isabella Soto
Nasrullah Abdur-Rahman
Adam Hemenes
Omarion Burke
Aoi Furutate

Post House – Joint Editorial
VFX Artists – Robert Murdock and Noah Poole
Audio Mixer – Natalie Huizenga

Color by Apache
Colorist – Taylor Black

A Very Special Thanks to:
Kaili Turner
Harlem School of the Arts Dance
Joint Editorial
Kori Darling
Jennifer Soto
Subha Ahmed
Alasia Harris
Cynthia Burke
Midori Furutate

Cast: Already Alive, Michael Marantz, Tim Sessler, BROOKLYN AERIALS, Filmsupply and Kamau Agyeman



In august 2016, we went to Argentina to explore two parts of the country: the north part, Salta’s region and its incredible desertic landscapes, and the south part, El Calafate, its glaciers, and beautiful mountains.

Entirely filmed on sony A7SI, little tripod, 3 lenses (24-70, 14mm, 70-300), and goprohero3+black for a few shots (hyperlapses car shot on roads).
Music from premiumBeat

Cast: Guillaume JUIN

The San Gabriel Mountains: Above the Clouds

In 2014, President Obama designated a portion of the San Gabriel Mountains as a National Monument. Located northeast of Los Angeles, California, these mountains often experience a weather phenomenon of inversion clouds called “marine layer” due to their proximity to the cold Pacific Ocean. From 2012 to 2017, I frequented the San Gabriel Mountains recording time lapse footage in a variety of weather conditions and seasons to showcase the natural beauty of these mountains.

To learn more about marine layer, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site here:

To learn more about the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument visit here:

Cast: Travis Roe

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

The journey of Ladakh, North India. Inspired from a beautiful poem “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” – David Romano, read by Tom O’Bedlam
Principal Cinematography & Editor : Nhi Dang
2nd camera: Tung Phan
Music:Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight
Special thanks: our man on the ground, Tung Phan, Khanh Hoang, Thuong Bien, On the move

Special thanks: Stop Look Go //

Shot with:
Sony A7s , 24- 240mm, 10 -18mm f4
Beholder DS1

Cast: nhi dang

Splendor of Existence

Splendor of Existence

‘Splendor of Existence’ is a movie that aims to engender wonder and inspiration by drifting you through a vast dreamlike sea of tranquility. 

Headphones & Full Screen Recommended

Process: acrylic paint, oil, milk, & soap. Four months in the making
Voice Over: Ross Huguet
Music: Our Hope – Stefano Mocini
Producer/Author: Apostolos Stefanopoulos
Edit: Sean Tracy
Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM Lens
Inspired by the beautiful works of various philosophers, physicists, & spiritualists

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Men admire the mountain heights, the coursing rivers, the orbits of the stars…. and yet neglect themselves. It is forgotten that you are a function of this universe, the enteral thing that comes and goes.

When will you begin to live virtuously? One mustn’t merely flirt with the idea. Yet today we think that those who live as they teach are dreamers.

A person, therefore, must claim his existence whatever it is—ugly or beautiful, wicked or mischievous—that is the beginning of virtue.

After all, what is it that most of us seek? If we strip ourselves of words and phrases, and systems with what are we actually left? Perhaps being, perfect in its shifting transience.

You see, it all lives in the mystery of the present revelation. That is what we live for. The free will, the action, and the creation. The illusion comes when we abstract ourselves from the notion that it is odd that things do exist.

As you cannot step into the same river twice, you cannot live the same moment again. It is the now that matters most. Awaken to the fact that the future is meaningless as is the past. It starts now. Not before. Not after.

Is it not ironic that you are searching for yourself? Yet you have been here like an orphaned child? This strange feeling comes because you have yet to introduce yourself to your life. You cannot spectate, always watching but never engaging. Though, that is how most choose to go about living.

You are human, with all the happiness and sorrow accompanying your fate. But let there be no hang-up, all life is in endless contrast and flux. There is nothing to be fundamentally afraid of.

Possibly, the irreversibility of time awakens you. Death follows you like an omnipresent shade. Fear enters your mind like a dark cloud, but you must see past, that darkness will never triumph over light, always.

For death is but an extension of the self, as are love and happiness. Once the terror of being alone is forsaken, there is nothing to fear at all. We rest our bodies once and live forever. You are undoubtedly embedded in the fabric of the universe.

The instant you can forgive and forget all is the moment you will let the universe be in you, after all, a cup is useful only when it is empty, and a mind that is filled with dogmas is an uncreative mind.

Beyond the physics, the philosophy and the art of living, fundamentally, your interpretation means most. The most beautiful thing of all: the experience that is truly yours forever and ever.

There is a face that you need to wake up to: the universe is your very own, allow the mind to be exposed as is light when seen through a prism. The illusions crumble, reality a sphere and your point of view never center. You are never you, but a constant drama of energy and delight.

Therefore, let it be known that today you stood for something your eyes believed, your heart felt, and your mind understood. Let that be you and say with confidence: I was fortunate to understand what they did not.”

Cast: Apostolos Stefanopoulos and monstrinthedark