Beyond the city, beyond the noise, beyond the buzz of our always-on world — just beyond the horizon, you’ll find landscapes of a truly epic nature. Put on your headphones and take two minutes to see Earth on a geological scale in this meditative montage.

Created entirely with Dissolve stock footage. License the clips used at
Video effects courtesy of Red Giant:
Sound effects courtesy of Soundsnap:

Music: “The Sun Will Rise Yet We Won’t Be Here” by Heinali, licensed from Audiosocket

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Cast: Dissolve, Red Giant, Audiosocket, ddg, Torsten Hoffmann, Christiaan Welzel, spotmatik and John Duncan

Backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

Backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

2 boys. 3 countries. 23 days.


Thailand is a really fast-moving country. In a few days we visited the North, the South and the Center: Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket and Chang Mai. From city to forest, from rain to sun, from sea to hills: the perfect end of an unexpected travel.

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Canon 5d mkII

Click here to see trip’s pics by my friend Andrea Egidi:

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A special thanks to Costanza Danelon, for the text in the subtitles.

Filmed & Edited by: Marco Santi

Music: Above & Beyond: Small Moments

Cast: Marco Santi

Backpackers – Memahami Indonesia

Backpackers – Memahami Indonesia

3 boys. 1 country. 16 days.

This is the fourth chapter about ‘Backpackers’ that shows our 16-day adventure in ‘Memahami’ Indonesia. Roughly translated from Indonesian, memahami means “to understand or comprehend.” Travel from the top of Gunung Bromo, an active volcano, to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Follow our adventures here:

directed by: Marco Santi
soundtrack: Stefano Milella
thanks to my friends: Alessandro Fornari, Paolo Donati
thanks to: LaPaz Tees
supported by: BoreasGear

You can see the video premiering on NatGeo showcase:

And the Q&A here:

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backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

Cast: Marco Santi and Stefano Milella

La Fiesta de las Luces, Tláhuac – Somos El DF

La Fiesta de las Luces, Tláhuac – Somos El DF

Fragmento del documental Somos El DF, retrato de la Ciudad de México. En esta ocasión estuvimos en la Fiesta de las Luces en Tláhuac, la mayor fiesta de pirotecnia de todo México.

Part of the documentary “Somos El DE” (We are El DF), a portrait of Mexico City. In this occasion we were in the “Festival of lights” in Tlahuac town, the biggest pirotecnia party in Mexico.

Cast: Fabian Garcilita R.V.



” WANDER IN TURKEY ” is one of my travel series video.
I really like having no plans when i’m in unfamiliar place. I just wanders which makes me face unplanned situations and people. Sometimes I can melt into their daily life and have a deep relationship.
I was fascinated by turkish culture and natural scenery. Also, I could feel that there is a various cultural sensibility from asia and europe. I mostly captured videos in Istanbul and Cappadocia.
Hope you enjoy my video.

Music by Olafur Arnalds

Directed by Lee Hang Gab

Cast: Hang gab Lee



I Wanted to make a video without spending all my time making a video. Making memories is important, so I thought this was a quick and easy way of showing all the places we had been without spending loads of time experiencing it through the LCD screen on the back of my camera and as I only had one old 24mm this seemed to make sense and of course any excuse to give a wink to my favourite director Wes Anderson.
Canon 5D Mrk ii and 24mm canon lens.

Cast: That Jam