Locomotive of Morocco

Locomotive of Morocco

Upon arriving in Morocco, I began what seemed to be an ordinary train ride out of Casablanca. I hit shuffle and started listening to this piece by Philip Glass. The second the piece kicked in, everything on the train took on a new shape. The cabins began to glow, the sounds of the machinery became musical, and I could suddenly feel the pulse of this big metallic beast that I was riding on.

~~ Locomotive of Morocco ~~

Music by Philip Glass
Headphones recommended***

Cast: Nick Whelan

Lights On!

Lights On!

As day turn into night, lights come on and illuminate our cities. This film looks at that transition and how they turn from bustling metropolises during the day to bright cities of light at night… It’s all about turning the Lights On!

Exposure ramping done with qDSLR Dashboard. Visit dslrdashboard.info for more information and join the Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/430563137116920.

Locations Include:
Anaheim, CA
Bayonne, NJ
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Las Vegas, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Malibu CA
Moorpark, CA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
San Diego, CA
San Pedro, CA
Santa Monica, CA
West Hollywood, CA

Equipment Used:
Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Sony a7s
Rokinon 14mm f2.8
Canon 16-35mm f2.8
Canon 24-105mm f2.8
Rokinon 24mm TS f3.5
Canon 35mm f2
Canon 50mm f1.8
Canon 70-200mm f2.8
Emotimo TB3 Black 3-Axis Motion Controller
Dynamic Perception Stage-R Pan/Tilt Modular Digital System w/NMX Motion Controller
Dynamic Perception Stage-Zero Slider
Dynamic Perception Stage-One Plus Slider

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
DaVinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro X
GB Deflicker
LR Timelapse 4
Photo Ninja
Neat Noise
qDSLR Dashboard

Photography Portfolio: aaronkeigherphotography.com
Photo Tours & Workshops: caphototours.com
Facebook: facebook.com/akeigher
Instagram: instagram.com/aaronkeigherphotography

Cast: Aaron Keigher

FUKUSHIMA 5 years After 5年後の福島空撮

FUKUSHIMA 5 years After 5年後の福島空撮

The 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, resulted in a major tsunami that brought destruction along the Pacific coastline of Japan’s northern islands.

The tsunami caused nuclear accidents in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex, and the associated evacuation zones affecting hundreds of thousands of residents.

5 years from the large earthquake has passed.
Tōhoku region has been reconstruction gradually. But Fukushima = nuclear power plant, for foreigners.
Foreigners all of Fukushima have thought off-limits.

Fukushima Prefecture is the prefecture of the third area in Japan.
It is about half size of the Netherlands or Belgium. There definitely are some unsafe areas, but there are also serene and peaceful places like this…

While the journey from the nuclear power plant from 3km far at the 100km, gave a Aerial using a drone.
This video I hope the lead to everyone of correct understanding.

■ equipment

DJI Phantom3 Advanced
PILOTFLY H1 + handheld gimbal
SONY RX100m4
Panasonic LUMIX GH4
Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7


Cast: nominomi

What Matters Most

What Matters Most

A series of macro shots I did a couple of months ago, with stuff you find in the kitchen.
For example bread, oil, vine, water, honey, coffee, brushes etc.

Camera was Panasonic GH2 with retro adapter and Voigtländer 25mm f0.95.
Light was a regular desk lamp, which was kinda hard to handle, especially in those shots where you can see my eye, cause of the shallow depth of field.

Check namufilm.com where you can find other stuff and contact me.

Music by: SHOMOMOSE “No Audio” shomomo.web.fc2.com/

Cast: Alessandro Rovere and NAMU Film

The Wall

The Wall

“The Wall” is Part ll in the “Of Walls & Mountains” series of short films. With a focus on sports and athletics the film is a visual and abstract exploration of perseverance, and the many walls we all face in our lives.

Part I: vimeo.com/189743914
Part II: vimeo.com/192681690


Written & Directed by: Andrew De Zen
Produced by: Andrew De Zen & Clint Kendal
Prod Company: FRANK Content
Cinematography: Christopher Lew
Editing: Michael Barker
Sound Design: Eugenio Battaglia
Colour: Andrew De Zen
1st AC: Yulia Kikuchi
2nd AC: Korbyn McLean
Production Manager: Eric Bizzarri
Steadicam Operator: Russ De Jong
Gaffer: Keenan Lynch
Key Grip: Julian Lomaga
Grip: Alastair Sinclair, Diego Guijarro
Swing: Elana Emer
MUA: Kasia Podsiadly
Production Assistants: Michael Arredondo, Leo Di Leo, Jordan Bouma, Mohammed Daud
Digital Intermediate Services: MELS
Narration: Martin Yap
Music: “Spohorn” by Tony Anderson

Justin Rock
Eloho Orogun
Jose Gutierrez-Solana
Gabriel Cameron
Janicije Karic
Abigail Chin Dixon
Sandro Rosta
Bronson Lake
Dario Zecca
Lino Zecca
Eric Simler
Spencer Ought
Ken Gracey

Vapour RMW
Katie Christensen
Michael Schwartz
Danielle Kappy
Kate Fried
Moto Camp

Shot on 35mm


Cast: Andrew De Zen, Christopher Lew and Clint Kendal



We traveled three weeks through the northern Himalayas of India, from Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir. It was a journey from valleys to peaks up to 5000m. We experienced a massive amount of different cultures, three major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, met incredible people, saw never seen before nature and walked right next to the wildest animals. It´s nearly impossible to recreate this experience and our feelings and to compress it to just 3 minutes. So I tried to express the spirit of our journey. What we felt more than anything else, is to be alive.

Directed, edited, voice over & sounddesign – Alessandro Rovere
Soundmix by Studio Funk studiofunk.de/
Music by Evgeny Teilor – „Count Of Tuscany“ soundcloud.com/evgenyteilor
& Max LL – „Departures“

Inspired by the wonderful words of Paulo Coelho and J.A. Baker.


Featured in “Outdoor Magazin”

Panasonic GH4
Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8
Voigtländer 25mm 0.95
GoPro Hero 3

Cast: Alessandro Rovere

Whispers of the West

Whispers of the West

Every once in a while you need to get back to your roots and do something for your own personal pleasure. We decided to drop off the grid for two weeks and explore the West Coast in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. We didn’t have any real plan in mind other then to immerse ourselves in the outdoors and capture whatever inspired us.

Shot by: Ryan Wood & Austin Ahlborg
Cut by: TallTree
Color: Bryan Smaller
Sound: TallTree & Jamie Coupar
Music: Odesza “Don’t Stop”

And good seeing our friends along the way: Zachary Kertesz & Justin Memovich.

Cast: Austin Ahlborg

Urbanique Chicago – Time Lapse

Urbanique Chicago – Time Lapse

Urban landscape and Unique architecture create this amazing city. This time lapse journey throughout Chicago took over 8 months to shoot and collect clips. The whole project required a lot of sacrifice and time. My goal was to capture some of the cities well known events like ST. Patrick’s Day “river dyeing green”, Air and Water Show, Navy Pier fireworks, Bridge lift and boat run, sunrise under the “Cloud Gate”, three times full moon during summer time, new ferries wheel, NHL Draft Town etc. There is much more going on in the city and it’s impossible for me to capture all, but that is a beauty of it. Thankfully I was able to discover some nice places with beautiful views of the cities skyline thanks to very nice people working in all locations I had plans to take pictures from.
Down the road someone asked me if I’m not scared to shoot pictures at night. Now I can say it was a little scary in some places, but overall Windy City is surrounded by helpful and kind people so, I did not run in to any problems. The biggest challenge wasn’t freezing weather, snow, rain or super hot summer. Managing time between family and full time job is hard task and sometimes I feel like I loose something. The journey has not been easy but the sacrifice paid off and I’m very proud of the final outcome.
Another big thing always is to find right music. With so many websites to go through and all kinds of music I finally chose this fast and refreshing sound by Top_Red_Music “Orchestra”. Licensed through Envato Market.
I shot over 250 clips for this project with over 65K stills and number of hours post-processing. Welcomed in many places, kicked out from one:), after few parking tickets, countless parking fees, miles on the foot with heavy bag I finally introduce you to URBANIQUE CHICAGO.
Chicago is very welcoming city and I would like to send a special thanks to Sheraton Chicago, London House Chicago, Continental Hotel Chicago, Holiday Inn Chicago, Very nice lady at the top of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Wyndham Chicago and many, many more.
Shot with Canon 5D Mark III. Manfrotto tripods. Edited in Sony Movie Studio 13, Lightroom 5, After Effects. Day to Night sequences done with Promote Control.
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM
Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM
For licensing please contact me directly at bielachris@gmail.com Some footage will be available on Shutterstock at (shutterstock.com/video/gallery/PrimoMedia-3033257/)
Available in 4K at youtube.com/watch?v=8nKkFgGpd-Y

Cast: PrimoMedia