Camels, cows, horses, thousands of people!…Pushkar!

Camels, cows, horses, thousands of people!…Pushkar!

What do you do when you’re at one of the largest livestock markets in the world, combined with the chaos of a fair, hot air ballons, giant wheels and thousands of people? I was shooting for a promo (which I’ll upload at some point) and decided to do some timelapse as well.

wanted to move away from the usual ‘India’ ‘Rajasthan’ kind of visuals and look at Pushkar a little differently.

STAND – a SUP adventure through the Great Bear Rainforest

STAND – a SUP adventure through the Great Bear Rainforest

STAND, a new film from b4apres Media in association with Dendrite Studios, will take you into the heart of the largest temperate rainforest on the planet-the Great Bear in British Columbia, Canada. Hung on the skeleton of a good ol’ fashioned adventure undertaken by a group of surfers, the potential effects of introducing super tankers to these pristine waters will be articulated. As the crew moves through this remote region under their own power, the landscape will be unfurled one paddle stroke at a time and punctuated by the faces and fears of the First Nation people who call this garden of Eden their home. Not just an efficient mode of transport, a stand up paddleboard expedition will be symbolic of “standing up” to preserve this last bastion of rainforest. Captured in cinematic High Definition, the film will bring the Enbridge Pipeline debate into the the collective consciousness in a way that will have you fishing in your basement for that old fluorescent wetsuit.

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign
b4apres has launched an innovative campaign to raise funding for production of the film. is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows audiences to pledge different amounts of money towards creative projects to help make them a reality. In return backers receive various rewards for their donation. Perhaps most significantly, backers of STAND become part of the the production team.
Supporting STAND is easy. Backers simply choose their reward and pledge via credit card or PayPal. Some of our awesome rewards include a cedar paddleboard handmade by the children of Bella Bella, prints from renowned First Nations artist Ian Reid and the opportunity to join the crew on the expedition.

Why We Need Funding
All funds raised will go towards production costs including travel expenses, music rights, post production, etc. We already have all the equipment necessary to shoot and edit the film, meaning all funds raised will be used to finish this film so others can discover this pristine part of the world for themselves. This is a passion project with everybody involved being extremely committed to the preservation of wild places.

If you like what you see, please share this video on your Facebook page, Twitter, lunch room, everywhere you think you people will enjoy it. Thank you in… advance!

To learn more about the project, please go to

MUSIC- Spaceship Earth by MC Xander

Cinematography by Nicolas Teichrob
Additional footage provided by Pacific Wild

MiniLook Kiev

MiniLook Kiev

Created by Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski
Music: Adam Burns / Jez Burns – May Flowers

Наш блог:

Because of our sentiments to the city and the incoming spring, we bring you a miniature day in a life of Kiev.

The Making:
We shot MiniLook Kiev with Canon 550D, during 5 days and 2 nights, shoted over 25,000 frames,
from all of them we used about 4,500. The post-production was the hardest part of the creation, it took us a few good months, but finally it’s done!

Watch in HD! Enjoy the Kiev!

Один миниатюрный день из жизни всеми любимого Киева.

Мы снимали MiniLook Kiev на Canon 550D, в течении 5 дней и 2х ночей. Всего было отснято более 25,000 фотографий, из которых в само видео было отобрано лишь 4,500. Самой тяжелой частью работы оказался пост-продакшн: несколько месяцев мы провели за экранами, отбирая фотографии и собирая их в единое целое видео.

Наслаждайтесь городом! Смотрите в HD!

Little India Tekka Wet Market

Little India Tekka Wet Market

This is a short film about a really local place in Singapore: something not so pretty, but that would still tell an interesting story from the perspective of the camera – Tekka Wet Market in Little India. Here you can find a huge enclosed warehouse with row after row of stalls filled with local people, exotic fresh seafood, prime cuts of meat, fragrant Indian spices and fresh fruits and vegetables. The name “wet market” btw… comes from the constant wetting or spraying down the stalls and floors around the fish and poultry. It can get nasty in there!

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