Let the Sun Shine

Let the Sun Shine

It’s been a magical journey to get to where I am today. I want to thank everyone involved. 

This video documents one of the dreams I have had ever since I started becoming more involved with music. I actually thought this dream would take years. I thought it was something that I’d just keep in my mind until I was “older.”

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With some help from some good friends it has been done. Solar Powered Sets. 

It still makes me smile.

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This video was shot with GoPro and 7D. 

Roman filmed most of it.

I appreciate all the support and ideas!
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Originals of the music you hear here will be found from Fabian and Labyrinth.

Cast: DJ Chill Will and Man Ro




The Castle, an underwater fortress on plateau surrounded by steep cliffs, is fortified by high walls formed by coral reefs. Behind the wall, a shield against strong currents, inhabit many small fish, which, along with sufficient food, attract storm-like nomadic hunters to feed; however, there are still even stronger threats waiting behind. And so the feast begins…

Website: oceanimp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/oceanimpression
Pinterest: pinterest.com/oceanimpression

Cast: OCEAN IMPRESSION and Yu-Ting Hung

The Mysterious Angkor Wat

The Mysterious Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the most revered and beloved travel destinations in the world. Two Cambodian locals, Yut and Chor, speak about the mystery, history, and beauty that surrounds the temple.

“Angkor Wat is so special to me, and Cambodians in general, because it is a symbol of Cambodian existence.”

Meet Yut at Angkor Walkers: angkorwalkers.com/ and Chor at Pepy Ride: pepycambodia.org/

Cast: Humanity.TV, Kerrin Sheldon and Gaston Blanchet

Alto Douro – a timelapse journey

Alto Douro – a timelapse journey

This is a tribute to this beautiful region of Portugal, Alto Douro (whc.unesco.org/en/list/1046) , where the famous Port wine originates from its vineyards.

It’s a 100% timelapse movie using both stills (Canon Powershot G12) and video (Canon 5DMk2) scenes.
Motion is from the Systems4you’s MTL Omega motorized dolly (systems4you.net).

Music: “Concrescence” by Caspian (caspianmusic.net)
Shot and Edited: Daniel Santos.

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Cast: Daniel Santos

British Virgin Islands HD "Voyage" BVI – Nikon D800, GoPro Hero 2

British Virgin Islands HD "Voyage" BVI – Nikon D800, GoPro Hero 2

Set sail in the British Virgin Islands. The turquoise sea looks good enough to drink, but we bring provisions for a week anyways – enough to go island-hopping, shipwreck diving, and cave snorkeling. As night falls in a sea of anchor lights, I find myself surrounded by stars above and below.

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Scenes include Tortola Island, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Sandy Cay, Cooper Island, Trellis Bay, Anegada, the Bitter End Yacht Club, Foxy’s Taboo, the Indians, the Baths, snorkeling the caves at Norman Island, and diving the RMS Rhone shipwreck.

The BVI are a unique place, almost like an “island city of sailors.” At night, it’s quite a moment being surrounded by a dozen other boats in what resembles a neighborhood at sea. We lived on a 40-foot sailboat for a week – with just 3 people aboard, we had our hands full raising sails, hauling scuba tanks, cooking, and cleaning! Of course, we did have our share of problems. On our last night, we ran out of fresh water in the tanks as we realized we only filled one of the two tanks – so we bathed in drinking water and drank soda 🙂 On another day, I was in the water and the boat drifted off! Someone onboard performed a “quickstop crew-overboard maneuver” to pick me up. I remember yelling “Turn off the motor!” just in case, so the propeller wouldn’t grind me up 🙂

As for filming, the biggest challenge was keeping stuff dry. We fried our new Sony RX100 camera underwater in one of those ziploc-style camera bags 🙁 I shot with the Nikon D800 and the GoPro HD Hero2 (with Dive Housing) for underwater shots. For the GoPro, I occasionally attached the Backscatter Red Flip Magic Filter for white balance correction, and at deeper depths (10ft or greater) the colors came out nicely in my opinion. Underwater visibility in the BVI is so clear, amazing. Lenses include the 24mm f/1.4G Nikkor and 85mm f/1.8G Nikkor. Stabilized with Glidecam HD-2000 and cut in Premiere.

Music by Stephen Anderson.
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Cast: Blue Eden

The Wild West of Namibia – Teaser

The Wild West of Namibia – Teaser

lamanchamedia.org for more info.
The Wild West of Nambia documentary explores the great and eerie Skeleton Coast, the shipwrecks there, the souls of the dead diamond hunters on her shores and the history of the diamond rush at the turn of the century. Inland discoveries include the elusive Flip Stander, who has lived in the desert among the desert lions, documenting them for his website desertlion.info. After a surreptitious border crossing into Angola we learn of the Himba people, their matriarchal society, their tragic past, the infamous German General Lother Von Trotha who nearly decimated them in what is considered a precursor to the Nazi Genocide, as well as their future struggles in preventing a hydro electric dam from ruining their lands and way of life.

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47 minutes. 1920×1080 24p
Teaser music by John Michel
J.S. BACH, CELLO SUITE 1, in G, Allemande

One man film crew
Shot on Panasonic GH2
GoPro Hero2
Lumix 14-42mm with wide angle adapter
Lumix G VARIO 100-300mm
Lumix G 20mm 1.7

Cast: David Whalen

Warsaw Timelapse

Warsaw Timelapse

This movie has been made out of love for Warsaw – our Hometown. Enjoy!!!!!

production – R5 Films

Film zrealizowany jest w technice filmowej Motion Timelapse .
Zwykła technika Timelapse, polega na wykonywaniu pojedynczych klatek ujęcia w różnych odstępach czasu.
Motion Timelapse wyróżnia się wprowadzeniem ruchu kamery w ujęciach.
Po raz pierwszy w Polsce przedstawiamy Warszawę przy użyciu nowej techniki filmowej.
Podczas prac nad projektem stale doskonaliliśmy technikę co wiązało się z dużym poświęceniem ale również wielką satysfakcją.
Za wprowadzenie nowej techniki ruchu i zdjęcia odpowiada Jacek Banach.

Credits –––
Director – Darek Juraś
Cinematographer – Jacek Banach
Post-production & Animation – R5Films VFX Division
Color grading – Kuba Węgliński
Editor – Este
Music – Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home

Cast: R5 Films