Nicaragua – Intro "We are Nica"

Nicaragua – Intro "We are Nica"

Prologue to our forthcoming film “We are Nica” following us on our journey from A Coruña (Spain). Filmed on location, A Coruña, Madrid Barajas Int. Airport, Miami Int Airport and within Nicaragua.

Recorded with the Canon 60d + Canon EF18-135mm + Canon EF35mm

Music: Awol Marine by Perfume Genius

Edited and graded with Final Cut Pro X & Color

Cast: A&Y

Okunoin Cemetery Mt.Koya, Japan

Okunoin Cemetery Mt.Koya, Japan


Okunoin is the largest cemetery in Japan. Mt. Kōya is primarily known as the world headquarters of the Kōyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism.

Shingon Buddhism (真言宗 Shingon-shū?) is one of the mainstream major schools of Japanese Buddhism and one of the few surviving Esoteric Buddhist lineages that started in the 3rd to 4th century CE that originally spread from India to China through traveling monks.

Today, there are very few books on Shingon in the West and until the 1940s, not a single book on Shingon had ever been published anywhere in the world, not even in Japan. Since this lineage was brought over to Japan from Tang Dynasty China over 1,100 years ago, its doctrines have always been closely guarded secrets, passed down orally through an initiatic chain and never written down.

Music by Krzysztof Komeda (Rosemary’s baby soundtrack)

Filmed on the 5D MarkIII
Sigma 12-24mm
Canon 24-105mm

Cast: hushhushvideo

Portugal 2012 – A BlackOrWhite Surf Roadtrip

Portugal 2012 – A BlackOrWhite Surf Roadtrip

A very short film about my Portugal trip with my close friend Daniel Hoffmann. In the fall of 2012 we left rainy Germany in the search for sun, waves, new experiences and distraction. Within two weeks we drove over 2 500 km from the northern end to the southern end (and back).

On of our main goal was to see the best surfer in the world compete at the Rip Curl Portugal Pro 2012 in Peniche. Portugal 2012 – A BlackOrWhite Roadtrip features the surfing of Kelly Slater, Owen Wright, Joel Parkinson, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, Taj Burrow, Jordy Smith and Damian Hobgood.

The see and read more about our trip visit

Music: “In a broken dream” – UNKLE

Cast: BlackOrWhite

‘The Lake’

‘The Lake’

For many years now I have been fortunate enough to live for part of each year on the shore of Lake Hallstatt in Upper Austria.

This video is not about the town – but about the Lake itself.

Hallstatt, the town, is famous for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times. It is a very popular summer tourist destination – so popular with the Chinese that they have actually built a replica of the town in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

The whole area has Unesco World Heritage status.

Lake Hallstatt has been referred to as the “melancholic lake”, the “still fjord” and the “vision of a perfect mountain lake”. It is a classic relic of the Ice Age and it has a total area of 858 square metres lying between the steep Obertraun and Hallstatt mountains and Bad Goisern. It is the fifth largest of the Salzkammergut lakes.

Although this lake is one of the darker, colder, less inviting lakes of the region, as a photographer I decided to use this darkness and stillness as a device to reveal the true beauty of the lake through its mirror-like surface.

This is my reflective homage to


I was fortunate to collaborate on the music for ‘The Lake’ with the french composer Vincent Jacq see his work here:

Follow the ‘Round the World in Timelapse’ project at

Cast: geoff tompkinson, Vincent JACQ – Music Composer and Dynamic Perception

freediving is good things

freediving is good things

All good things are wild and free

Thanks to :

People in this video :
7 wanderlust (Acionk, Annisa, Ario, Danar, David, Ocha and Ricka)
All the members of Jogja Freediving Community (Abri Wijaya, Jalil Jalal, Zaldy Putra Pratama, J D’maggio Franzzy, Elindia, Adji Wibowo, Pak Widodo, Kharisma Sinung Prasetyo, Dede Syahputra, Donni Helmi, Daniel Neofelis Diardi, Barid Yulianto, Lya Marine, Anggraeni Niez and the others)

Dive sites and local guide at :
Amed and Tulamben – East Bali, Menjangan – West Bali

Camera :
GoPro Hero 2

Soundtrack :
Music : Scott & Brendo – Kitten Air (Instrumental)

Videographer :
Acionk, Ario, Danar

Editor :
Agus Hong

Cast: Agus Hong