Hyperlapse Plaza de España de Sevilla

Hyperlapse Plaza de España de Sevilla

Footage disponible en 4K

Realizado en la Plaza de España de Sevilla (Andalucía, España)
Producido mediante técnicas de fotografía: Hyperlapse (o Motion Timelapse) y Timelapse.

Música: Plurabelle – Lips (soundcloud.com/plurabellemusic)

Realizado con Canon EOS 5D MkII – Canon EF 17-40mm L
Procesado mediante Adobe LR, LRtimelapse y Adobe PR.


Cast: Comuniko

Kharkov/Ukraine 2012 TimeLapse in Motion (Hyperlapse)

Kharkov/Ukraine 2012 TimeLapse in Motion (Hyperlapse)

Video (hyperlapse) about big Ukraine city – Kharkov
Making from May to September 2012
Shooting, post-processing and editing by Kirill Neiezhmakov
e-mail: nk87@mail.ru
music: Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange-In Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
YouTube 1080p: youtu.be/7wv1v0wVqfo

Cast: Kirill Neiezhmakov

Dubai: A Skier’s Journey EP2 S3

Dubai: A Skier’s Journey EP2 S3

In 40 degree heat, in the largest sand desert on the planet, Chad Sayers and Chad Manley go looking for the one of the world’s strangest of ski environments: Ski Dubai. In the midst of a city of dizzying ambition, this ‘local hill’ climbs 60 vertical meters out of a luxury shopping mall. Inside the frigid, air conditioned space, they find a dedicated ski community of desert-dwellers, growing in the unlikeliest of places.

Presented by Arcteryx.com & The GORE-TEX® Brand

Written & directed by: Jordan Manley & Daniel Irvine
Producer: Jordan Manley
Narrator: Chad Sayers

Chad Sayers
Chad Manley
Mansoor AlShaali

Many thanks to:
DCI/Dubai Tourism
Arabian Adventures
Ski Dubai
Mansoor AlShaali
Jessica Horie
Andreas Teufl

“The World Goes Through My Mind” by Russel Walder
“Night Song” by Jami Sieber [courtesy of Audiosocket]
“Like A Movie” by Nicole Reynolds [courtesy of Audiosocket]
“It’s About Time” by Ruby Velle & The SoulPhonics [courtesy of Audiosocket]
“Baby Steps” by Cary Bird

Cast: ARC’TERYX and Jordan Manley Photography

Moby & Mark Lanegan ‘The Lonely Night’

Moby & Mark Lanegan ‘The Lonely Night’

Music: ‘The Lonely Night’ by Moby & Mark Lanegan
Cinematography & Direction: Colin Rich (deer-dog.com)

In celebration of 2013’s Record Store Day, moby and Mark Lanegan have collaborated on an exclusive track to be released as a limited edition 7″ on 20th April. The Lonely Night 7″ comes backed with a remix from electronic music legend Photek and is being released on moby’s own label Little Idiot.

moby on collaborating with Mark Lanegan:

“i’ve been a fan of mark’s from his early sst records days, and i’ve always wanted to work with him. he has one of the best and most distinctive voices of the last 25 years. now that we live near each other it ended up being really easy working on a song together.”

moby on producing of The Lonely Night:

“…And in producing the song, spike stent and i incorporated some very unusual production techniques… we ran all of the instruments through a distortion pedal into a guitar amp. so really there are only 3 tracks: left channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, right channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, and mark’s vocals. The end result is intentionally very broken and atmospheric.”

Colin Rich a LA based director who specializes in time-lapse photography has been commissioned to shoot the video to accompany The Lonely Night. The video features both moby and Mark Lanegan and flits between the desolate and far removed terrain of the Californian desert and the endless electric city expanse of Los Angeles.

Cast: Moby and Colin Rich



A fast, modern look to the city of Barcelona, at night.

Directed by Pau García Laita.

Music: ‘Starscapes’ by ‘The American Dollar’
Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here: tinyurl.com/freeAMD
119 Song Discography in Any Format just $20 @ bit.ly/XiwDFs

Special thanks to:
Hotel Princess Barcelona (/hotelbarcelonaprincess.com)
Arenas de Barcelona (arenasdebarcelona.com)
Fundació Catalunya – LaPedrera (lapedrera.com)
Hotel PortaFira (hotelbarcelonaportafira.com)

Canon 550D
Sigma10-20 3.5
Canon 18-135
Canon 50 1.8 II
Samyang 8

Cast: Pau García Laita



Dos aventureros catalanes inician un viaje exploratorio a la península rusa de Kamchatka durante varias semanas, a pie, sin guía ni armas. Allí descubren uno de los mejores lugares del mundo para la pesca de salmónidos, considerada como la Alaska de hace un siglo. Ríos sin polución ni presión alguna de pesca, salvo por los osos grizzly con los que tendrán un encuentro que nunca olvidarán.

Cast: YosoyAlbertico