The Bahamas HD “Sea of Abaco” – Sailing Timelapse

The Bahamas HD “Sea of Abaco” – Sailing Timelapse

Filmed over a week of sailing the Bahamas in May 2013. The seas here are shallow and calm, colored aquamarine green and sheltered within barrier cays. The entry into one of the harbors is too shallow for any sailboat to pass. So we await for high tide, lured by the movement of the moon and stars. As the water rises and we finally sail in, old lighthouses and colonial buildings lay scattered like remnants of a dream.

There’s a particular feeling as night begins to fall in Abaco, where the lighthouse is still hand-wound and fueled by kerosene. Ships bathe under spinning beams of light. After dinner ashore, I walk across a narrow piece of land to view the Atlantic on the other side. Shallow reefs break ocean waves into tranquil Bahamian waters, where knee-deep beaches stretch far into the horizon. We lose track of time and as the tides fall once again, the passage out becomes impassable. We find ourselves lost to the charm of the sea.

Scenes include Treasure Cay, Hope Town, Little Harbour, Marsh Harbour, Man-o-War Cay, Great Guana Cay, and White Town with stops by Fowl Cay, Tahiti Beach, and Sandy Cay. Many thanks to The Moorings for the sailboat charter, check out their website at

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Cast: Blue Eden

Make Time Yours

Make Time Yours

This is a short video we made for We were originally approached to make a commercial for an app they were developing. After a couple of meetings, we decided to take it in a different direction. It became more of an abstract visual mission statement for the values that their company holds, which are completely in unison with my own.

We had complete creative freedom on the project. We shot some parts in Edmonton. Then we departed on an 18 day road trip to the United States, spanning from Montana to California, then up to Oregon and Washington.

I had an amazing time working on this video. We didn’t end up making any money but that wasn’t the point. We all just wanted to make something beautiful. Creatives need more clients like Zenlike. They took a chance on us and we ended up with something much more than a commercial. It doesn’t exist to sell a product, it exists to remind us of what it means to make our time count.

Produced by Tom Gunia & Aaron Pedersen
Director/DP/Editor/Score/Voiceover: Tom Gunia
Gaffer/AC: Eugene Uhuad
Featuring: Nicole Geldart, Micah Thomson, Adrianne Thomson, Alex Thomson, Jonathan Kornicki, Elan Laplain, and Lona Alia Duncan.

Cast: Tom Gunia, Aaron Pedersen and Eugene Uhuad



Piérdete en sus playas, en más de 200 kms. de costa, la más virgen de todo el Mediterráneo.
Piérdete en los días despejados, con una temperatura media de 18,7 ºC y más de 3.000 horas de sol al año.
Piérdete en su ciudad: moderna, abierta, histórica y cultural.
Piérdete en sus importantes reservas naturales, su gran patrimonio arqueológico y su gran cantidad de espacios protegidos.
Piérdete en el desierto más grande de Europa, capital del Western y otros géneros, una tierra de cine.

Ganarás mucho perdiéndote en Almería.

Este video es propiedad del Patronato Provincial de Turismo y ha sido producido por Imagen Visual Art y Helifilm.
Con la colaboración de Tomatito.