In this short timelapse video I photographed many iconic locations in Los Angeles. LA has been filmed countless times, but I wanted to capture the city in a unique way. To do that, I used a technique called hyperlapse, which is a series of still photographs taken over a desired distance at a set interval. Every frame of this video is a still photograph.

After exploring the city, I’ve learned to appreciate Los Angeles in a way which I didn’t before. I love the views, the architecture, the history and the diversity. Yes, the traffic is horrible, and parking is a nightmare, but it’s a beautiful place, and it’s my home and I’m proud to say that I live in the City of Angels!

-Sean Collins

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Music by: Explosions in the sky — “The Birth and Death of the Day”

Article about the video in Los Angeles Magazine:

Shot entirely in 5K resolution with Canon cameras and lenses.

Post-Production workflow: Lrtimelapse => Lightroom => After Effects => Final Cut Pro 7

A big thank you to some of my friends that helped: Mervyn Cole, Jason McMahon, Ron Carlson, Nick Stich and Jason Fisher.

Cast: Bodhi Films

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