Travel Video III: JOHOR BHARU & SINGAPORE (Extended Cut)

Travel Video III: JOHOR BHARU & SINGAPORE (Extended Cut)

5 days in 2 destinations, where a short tour to Johor Bharu (located in South of West Malaysia state) for attending a wedding dinner from Family’s cousin; Continue the road to Singapore to meet up with long-time-no-see Uncle and relatives.

An extended cut for this travel video presentation has two parts, but mainly focusing on the travels in our neighbor country, The Merlion of Singapore. Here we tour around in the most popular locations such as:

– Marina Bay Sands
– Universal Studios Singapore (We didn’t go in due to the tight time schedule.)
– Palawan Beach
– Sentosa, Resort World
– Marine Life Park, S.E.A. Aquarium
– Museum of Replica Zheng He

There are still lots of location to tour with but 5 days doesn’t really enough, probably will go again to visit the remaining popular resorts and see what else interesting things we can get in touch with.

This is the third travel video I’ve worked on, it may not good enough, but will try further more, because this is just the beginning of my work. I hope you guys enjoy this 7 minutes of travel. Enjoy the show.


Produced By: Simplicity Production
Shot with: CANON EOS 650D with 18-135mm STM II Kit Lens (Thanks colleague!)
Post-Production: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 & After Effects CS6
Music Credits:
– Lifetimes (Part I Segment)
– Taking On The World (Part II Segment)
– Everglades (End Credits Segment)


Disclaimers: We do not own these music, it is intended to use as portfolio and educational purposes in this NON-PROFIT video only. All rights goes back to】

© 2014 Simplicity Production, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Cast: sim.Plicity


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