Sikkim – India’s Paradise Upstairs

Sikkim – India’s Paradise Upstairs

Located in the northeastern part of the country, Sikkim is India’s winter wonderland. The logistics of getting to higher altitudes in the Himalayas are vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. It is not uncommon for entire roads to be washed away or blocked by landslides from one day to another. The Himalayas are not only the world’s highest range but also the most brutal in terms of weather and landscape. However, the time and effort to climb higher is lavishly rewarded by astonishing views of nature at its rawest.

Some of the footage was shot in Darjeeling, which is a popular hillstation in the state of West Bengal. From there, we traveled to Gangtok, the capital of the state of Sikkim. Other places visited were Lachung, Yumthang, and Yumesamdong in north Sikkim.

Cameras: Nikon D600 and GoPro Hero3

Mihaly Vig
Sajid Ahmed

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Cast: Gongoozler

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