2013 en 500 secondes – Marseille

2013 en 500 secondes – Marseille

Rétrospective en timelapses de l’année 2013 à Marseille, en deux volets.

Un film de Alexis Lambotte et Jérémie Van Quynh.
Prise de vue : Alexis Lambotte et Jérémie Van Quynh
Musique : Alexis Lambotte
Sound design : Jérémie Van Quynh

A retrospective movie of the year 2013 in Marseilles, south of France, when the city was the european capital for culture. We tried to bring life to the timelapse shots using sounds and working hard on the sound design. Hope you like it.

A film by Alexis Lambotte and Jérémie Van Quynh.
Cinematography : Alexis Lambotte and Jérémie Van Quynh
Music : Alexis Lambotte
Sound design : Jérémie Van Quynh

© 2014

Cast: Grandeur Nature Pro

STORM – Stephanie

STORM – Stephanie

A couple of days ago Stephanie arrived at A Coruña {Spain}, bringing with her heavy rain, wind and big waves. We couldn’t avoid to take our cameras and film a short movie.

Recorded with a Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 60D, Edited on FCPX and graded with VSCO Film Pack 5 Archetype

Music: Milk and Honey by Arcade Fire.

Cast: A&Y and VSCO



“Retrospective” is a short round-trip, that takes one through places, moments, ways of life and social fabrics – whilst passing continents.

This is a short edit with footage from my last projects. It gives a hint, on how diverse life can be, which is what I tried to carve out, with that first attempt. I welcome any feedback!
Thank you for watching!

To see more of the different places, just watch the “Future Megacities” series: vimeo.com/channels/futuremegacities

source: 5DM2, 5DM3, GH2, GoPro Hero3
by Marcus Mangeot

Cast: crossdocs

This Land

This Land

My first trip to Vietnam, to this land which is a part of me.
Places visited: Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, the Mekong delta, Phan Tiet.

” We’re on the 24th of December, here it is, I’m finally in Vietnam. We just landed in Hanoi, capital of the country. It’s a first for me, I’m with my family, with my father who left this country at the age of 18. Since I was a little boy, I dream about making this trip with them, with him. After several hours on a local bus on his way to the East, we are boarding on a junk, heading for the bay of Halong. I’m in the middle of this bay and the sight of these hills tearing open the sea through this mist fascinates me. It’s Christmas Eve, but my mind is elsewhere, being here is my only gift.

The next day we are back on the road to the South, and will succeed to each other Huế and its Imperial city, the astonishing and preserved village of Hoi Han and finaly Hồ Chí Minh, said Saigon. This last, megalopolis with its constant stream of mopeds moving around through this absolute anarchy, looks fluid though. The perpetual motion of these streets did not stop me from feeling a bit like home, at ease in these neighborhoods where my father grew up.

That’s why I filmed “This Land”, trying to share the emotion I felt discovering these cities and villages, this country, this land which is mine in some ways. “

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Lenses: 24-105mm f/4 , 70-200mm f/2,8, 50mm f/1,4mm , 28mm f/1,8
Music: Helios “Coast off”

Cast: Arnaud Ly Van Manh

Spring NYC

Spring NYC

2013, everything but winter, spring is here again, New York is reborn…Over a couple of days I put my camera in many places, most of the time handheld, trying to catch the vibe of the city…
Directed by Martin Rolland
Music by Moby at mobygratis
camera: 5DMKIII, gopro3 black edition

Cast: Martin Rolland

26 Hours to Thailand

26 Hours to Thailand

26 Hours to Thailand
We spent a short time this last year in Thailand. A beautiful and overwhelming place. Made this video to keep the memory.

As for the 26 hours, we flew from JFK to Beijing to Bangkok (and a layover).

Cinematographers & Editors: Ryan Mancuso & Megan Roberts
Music by my great friends: Delta by Night Panther
(follow them here: facebook.com/nightpantherband)


Cast: Ryan Mancuso