Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake

Catching a fish is not a priority when fishing in a place like this. Mysteries call this part of land, where waters come and go, home.

Who says that Europe has no jungle? In this place you can find more than one parallel. Here, air is filled with thousands of sounds, colours and stories. It is (sadly) one of rare places, where nature seems to outpower mankind, as the lake waters come and go each year unexpectedly. Although, people have tried to dry out the lake since mid 19.century. Despite all, intermittent lake Cerknica remains heaven for wildlife till this days.

Full story:

Fisherman: Rok Rozman
Photographer: Anze Osterman /
Videographer: Nejc Miljak /

Special thanks to:
Graphic Design – Tilen Bačar

Artist: Boy & Bear
Song: Stranger

Cast: Nejc Miljak and Anze Osterman

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