Sorrow motions / Canon RAW 50p

Sorrow motions / Canon RAW 50p

The best season, the best colors of nature. I just love it. Fall. And all these attractions from my childhood make me a bit sad. Hope you will enjoy this short film.

Slowest shots tested 6D in 50p RAW mode with max resolution 1792×634. Since you upscale mostly vertical resolution footage looks very good in 1080p, but VAF is a must, otherwise alisiang getting too horrible.

Magic Lantern RAW 14bit video.
Graded in Davinci Resolve.
Music by Patrick Watson.

PS: For some reason it looks a bit choppy on some slowerst shots after vimeo conversion. Original footage looks very smooth. Video converted to 720p to fit vimeo’s rules. Please, do not watch it full screen on fullHD monitor.

Cast: Alex Soloviev

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