Speedflying Crimea. #4 The Valley of Ghosts

Speedflying Crimea. #4 The Valley of Ghosts

4th chapter of Crimea Speedflying guidebook. We have been working on it for last 3 months with my wife Tasya.
Demerdji mountain is one of the most beautiful places on Crimean peninsula. Few years ago I did first flight on it. I spent 2 years training and preparing for this moment to return and make this video to show every speedflyer the opportunities of this place, it’s beauty and soul.
The mountain has 3 sectors for flying with 8-9 lines in total. Altitudes from 400 to 650 metres. Amazingly diverce relief – slopes, rocks, pillars etc. Good landing areas for beginners and pro-flyers.
You can stay in a tent on the slope or in the village at the bottom of the mountain. There is food, water and transport. Enjoy, Friends! 🙂

Pilot – Alexander Deyev
Best cameragirl – Tasya Ivchenko
Location – Crimea, Demerdji mount

Clams Casino – Treetop
Asura – Land and freedom
Phaeleh – Journey
Phaeleh – Caustic Storm
Nebular Spool – Tom Is Not My Friend

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Cast: AlexDeyev