” WANDER IN TURKEY ” is one of my travel series video.
I really like having no plans when i’m in unfamiliar place. I just wanders which makes me face unplanned situations and people. Sometimes I can melt into their daily life and have a deep relationship.
I was fascinated by turkish culture and natural scenery. Also, I could feel that there is a various cultural sensibility from asia and europe. I mostly captured videos in Istanbul and Cappadocia.
Hope you enjoy my video.

Music by Olafur Arnalds

Directed by Lee Hang Gab

Cast: Hang gab Lee



I Wanted to make a video without spending all my time making a video. Making memories is important, so I thought this was a quick and easy way of showing all the places we had been without spending loads of time experiencing it through the LCD screen on the back of my camera and as I only had one old 24mm this seemed to make sense and of course any excuse to give a wink to my favourite director Wes Anderson.
Canon 5D Mrk ii and 24mm canon lens.

Cast: That Jam

Travel Colombia

Travel Colombia

This is a 5 minutes travelfilm of our 2 weeks travel through Colombia. Impressions from the city Medellin, the pacific jungle in Bahia Solano and El Penol (Guatapé). All pictures filmed handheld with Canon 5D III (24-105 L lense), a gorilla tripod and a intervalometer for timelapses.

camera & edit: Hubert Neufeld
camera assistant: Max Klepper

Action Bronson: Easy Rider

Cast: HTN Films

Budapest, Hungary | Canon 60d

Budapest, Hungary | Canon 60d

Filmed and edited by Valery Gusev
Music by Koan Sound & Asa
Budapest, Hungary
Shot on Canon 60d mainly with Sigma 30mm f/1.4, Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 fisheye, GoPro Hero 3+
January 2015

This video is about my girlfriend’s and mine short trip to Budapest, Hungary in January 2015. Budapest is attractive underestimated European capital with its own spirit. Thermal baths are really awesome, especially outside in winter.


This is my first video shot using DSLR.
The Budapest video has been shot on Canon 60d using two lenses Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and Zenitar 16mm f/2.8. Because of the 1.6 crop factor of 60d images look not so much distortive from fisheye lens, I like them a lot. Shots in Szechenyi thermal baths were made on GoPro 3+. Every shot has been made handheld without a tripod.


I’ve made this video using Final Cut Pro X. This is amazing software to organize and set your shots in to the right place. All the steady images you see were made in post using After Effects Warp stabilizer. In my subjective opinion, Warp stabilizer from AE works much better than FCPX’s proprietary stabilizer. Unfortunately, it is a little a hard work to put in place all the shots using FCPX then stabilize them in AE then put them back to FCPX again.


Here are some pictures from Budapest

Cast: Valeriy Gusev

Rio On Move 2 – A Rio de Janeiro Time Lapse Film

Rio On Move 2 – A Rio de Janeiro Time Lapse Film

O novo vídeo da série Rio On Move retrata as belezas do Rio de Janeiro em um compilado de Time-Lapses em homenagem aos 450 anos da Cidade Maravilhosa, com uma visão que foge dos estereótipos e clichês da cidade, trazendo uma nova releitura destes cartões postais.

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Produção: André Delacerda e Diogo Fagundes
Produção musical: Igor Farinelli

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