Sardinia – Bosa Region

Sardinia – Bosa Region

We visited Sardinia in October 2014 and were impressed by the beauty of the nature, the beaches and the villages. In this video you will see nature and the coast in the Bosa region (Oristano), a trip to the mountains (Cuglieri) and to the gorgeous beach at Stintino. And of course you will see impressions from Bosa.

Music (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0):
“Be Free” von Derek Clegg

Camera: Panasonic HDC-SD200 and GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition
Sound: Zoom H5 recorder and Rode NTG2 mic (few scenes)
Editing and Coloring: Pinnacle Studio 16

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Cast: Christoph Schwab

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

Above the grit and noise of the street, downtown Los Angeles quietly provides some of the most amazing visual detail in its buildings and public art works. This is a selection of those buildings and public arts filmed across some 50 different locations in the immediate downtown area and the arts district. There are many many more locations that are not included and are equally if not more impressive.

Some of the buildings are in disrepair, some have been restored to their full glory while others have been transformed into artworks. In all of them, there is character, color and detail that makes the area a never-ending source of intrigue.

Music by Chassol – Odissi, Pt. II (Emotif) [Yuksek Remix]

A mostly accurate map of the locations:

All content is copyright of its respective copyright holders. Video and natural sound copyright Ian Wood, 2014. This video may only be reproduced in its entirety, unaltered with accreditation. No portion of this video may be duplicated, altered, reused and/or unaccredited without explicit permission.

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A note about aerial filming, safety and best practices. These shots were obtained with a lightweight remote controlled quad-copter and camera system. The following measures were in place during the filming:

– Following all applicable FAA regulations (the ones that actually exist).
– Avoiding controlled airspace and TFR restricted airspace.
– Staying below 400ft AGL.
– Avoiding any and all air traffic, airways, airports, etc.
– Maintaining awareness for helicopter traffic and proximity to helipads.
– Flying just above or along rooflines to stay out of usable airspace for helicopters.
– Maintaining visual LOS to the quad-copter at all times.
– Shooting mostly during early morning when possible to avoid crowds and traffic.
– Not directly overflying groups of people.
– Being sure to have direct ability to alert any people nearby in case of potential incident.
– Being prepared to ditch in order to prevent injury or accident.
– Maintaining a minimum height of 100ft above any private property.
– Deleting any shots inadvertently revealing private activities or people in a place of privacy.

Cast: Ian Wood

Meet Me In Morocco

Meet Me In Morocco


An Incredible Experience Through Villages in Morocco .
Over than 2000 km traveled in 12 days ,capturing beauty of people and landscapes

I Went into the farthest and most remote villages of Marocco to meet the Local people, to help with the renovation and restoration of various school on a trip humanitarian.It was The most amazing and the most fantastic experience have lived.

Selected By Canon France:

Shot With :

Canon 6D & 5D Mark III
Lenses : 70-200 mm 2.8 IS I / 50 mm 1.8 / 16-35 mm 2.8 II

Directed & Edited by John Paldacci
Instrumental Music : john paldacci ( except female voice )

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Cast: John Paldacci / Dirty Prod

Technicolour Dreams – Kaleidoscope Aurora

Technicolour Dreams – Kaleidoscope Aurora

My time lapse film “Technicolour Alaska” ( was published by National Geographic this past weekend. That recognition inspired me to go back to the film and experiment with my footage. Technicolour Dreams is the result of that work.
If Technicolour Alaska represented the love I feel for the natural world in it’s true and raw sense, Technicolour Dreams taps into the leaping, head-spinning, heart-pounding, soul-igniting joy that I try desperately to [and mostly fail at] expressing outwardly. This film is the abstract version of my inner extrovert and is part of my ongoing experimentation with photography, time lapse, and personal growth.

I kept the same music as in my previous film because…James Everingham. He’s one of the best composers I know, and let’s face it, our films are nothing without the poetic music that injects our imagery with a little more life.

If you’re looking for visual stimulation, this is a party for your eyes…I hope it makes your smile.

Photography by AlexisCoram –
Music by James Everingham –

Cast: Alexis Coram



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music /// paolo nutini /// iron sky
edit /// final cut pro x /// lightroom /// vsco kodak portra 400nc
camera /// nikon d5300

Cast: Christoph Beeler

Autumn in the Dolomites

Autumn in the Dolomites

Autumn dresses these splendid mountains in new colours and I am amazed and excited by their grandeur.
It is a rare beauty, a precious and incomparable work of a nature that is once again wonderful.
In 2009, the Italian Dolomite Mountains were declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Val Gardena, Alpe di Siusi, Sella Group, Pordoi Group, Marmolada Glacier, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Sassolungo and Lago di Braies are some of the places where I have filmed.

Filmed and edited by Cristina Limonta
Music composed by Lamberz, L. ; Bähler, J.

The video was shot with Sony FS 700R and Odyssey 7Q – Recording 4 K RAW to HD ProRes 4.2.2. HQ

Cast: Cristina Limonta

A Visual Story “Manali”

A Visual Story “Manali”

“It’s Good to have destination, but the adventure is in the trip”

So, this is it! My trip to Manali. An ancient town located near the end of the kullu valley, Himachal (India). For travellers, certainly those who love to enjoy the nature Manali is perfect for them. The wonderful place is popular for nature lover. When I look around I realize there is so much to Lean, Love, Share & Experience everyday. So travel often, getting lost will help you find yourself and remember It’s Good to have destination, but the adventure is in the trip 🙂

DOP & Edit : Manoj Rai
Design & Hand Lettering : Ravi Prakash
Shot on Ipad Mini /Apple

Hope you’ll enjoy watching it!

Cast: Manoj Rai and Ravi Prakash