Backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

Backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

2 boys. 3 countries. 23 days.


Thailand is a really fast-moving country. In a few days we visited the North, the South and the Center: Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket and Chang Mai. From city to forest, from rain to sun, from sea to hills: the perfect end of an unexpected travel.

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Canon 5d mkII

Click here to see trip’s pics by my friend Andrea Egidi:

Follow our adventures and passions here:

Here you can read my friend Cecilia’s article that talk about this chapter:

A special thanks to Costanza Danelon, for the text in the subtitles.

Filmed & Edited by: Marco Santi

Music: Above & Beyond: Small Moments

Cast: Marco Santi

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