Backpackers – Memahami Indonesia

Backpackers – Memahami Indonesia

3 boys. 1 country. 16 days.

This is the fourth chapter about ‘Backpackers’ that shows our 16-day adventure in ‘Memahami’ Indonesia. Roughly translated from Indonesian, memahami means “to understand or comprehend.” Travel from the top of Gunung Bromo, an active volcano, to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Follow our adventures here:

directed by: Marco Santi
soundtrack: Stefano Milella
thanks to my friends: Alessandro Fornari, Paolo Donati
thanks to: LaPaz Tees
supported by: BoreasGear

You can see the video premiering on NatGeo showcase:

And the Q&A here:

backpackers episodes:
backpackers – chapter I: VIETNAM
backpackers – chapter II: CAMBODIA
backpackers – chapter III: THAILAND

Cast: Marco Santi and Stefano Milella

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