Whispers of the West

Whispers of the West

Every once in a while you need to get back to your roots and do something for your own personal pleasure. We decided to drop off the grid for two weeks and explore the West Coast in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. We didn’t have any real plan in mind other then to immerse ourselves in the outdoors and capture whatever inspired us.

Shot by: Ryan Wood & Austin Ahlborg
Cut by: TallTree
Color: Bryan Smaller
Sound: TallTree & Jamie Coupar
Music: Odesza “Don’t Stop”

And good seeing our friends along the way: Zachary Kertesz & Justin Memovich.

Cast: Austin Ahlborg

Urbanique Chicago – Time Lapse

Urbanique Chicago – Time Lapse

Urban landscape and Unique architecture create this amazing city. This time lapse journey throughout Chicago took over 8 months to shoot and collect clips. The whole project required a lot of sacrifice and time. My goal was to capture some of the cities well known events like ST. Patrick’s Day “river dyeing green”, Air and Water Show, Navy Pier fireworks, Bridge lift and boat run, sunrise under the “Cloud Gate”, three times full moon during summer time, new ferries wheel, NHL Draft Town etc. There is much more going on in the city and it’s impossible for me to capture all, but that is a beauty of it. Thankfully I was able to discover some nice places with beautiful views of the cities skyline thanks to very nice people working in all locations I had plans to take pictures from.
Down the road someone asked me if I’m not scared to shoot pictures at night. Now I can say it was a little scary in some places, but overall Windy City is surrounded by helpful and kind people so, I did not run in to any problems. The biggest challenge wasn’t freezing weather, snow, rain or super hot summer. Managing time between family and full time job is hard task and sometimes I feel like I loose something. The journey has not been easy but the sacrifice paid off and I’m very proud of the final outcome.
Another big thing always is to find right music. With so many websites to go through and all kinds of music I finally chose this fast and refreshing sound by Top_Red_Music “Orchestra”. Licensed through Envato Market.
I shot over 250 clips for this project with over 65K stills and number of hours post-processing. Welcomed in many places, kicked out from one:), after few parking tickets, countless parking fees, miles on the foot with heavy bag I finally introduce you to URBANIQUE CHICAGO.
Chicago is very welcoming city and I would like to send a special thanks to Sheraton Chicago, London House Chicago, Continental Hotel Chicago, Holiday Inn Chicago, Very nice lady at the top of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Wyndham Chicago and many, many more.
Shot with Canon 5D Mark III. Manfrotto tripods. Edited in Sony Movie Studio 13, Lightroom 5, After Effects. Day to Night sequences done with Promote Control.
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM
Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM
For licensing please contact me directly at bielachris@gmail.com Some footage will be available on Shutterstock at (shutterstock.com/video/gallery/PrimoMedia-3033257/)
Available in 4K at youtube.com/watch?v=8nKkFgGpd-Y

Cast: PrimoMedia

A Spider’s Life

A Spider’s Life

Spiders have been around for more than 350 million years. They are an amazingly diverse species. Far more so than humans.

Some spiders make nets to throw on their prey, others float on water and catch fish, some leap 30 times their body length to nab flies, but this is a story about a “normal” spider. She is about as common as they get, and still fascinating.

In this short film based on my LA patio, she will spin a few webs, clean up her mess and hunt for dinner.

This was shot on a Sony F55, with an Arri Alura 18-80mm lens wearing +1 and +3 diopters. Some footage was recorded at 120 FPS. After Effects was used to create the net-building particle trail.

The music was composed by Jacob Friedman, using Logic. He is talented, sharp and a joy to work with.

Cast: JJ Osbun and Jacob Friedman

Asia OnTheWay (Teaser)

Asia OnTheWay (Teaser)

During the Polish People’s Republic time (1950s to late 1980s), Fiat 126p was the most popular car in the country. It served as a family automobile, even though there was no more room left for baggage after a family of four got in. Questionable driving comfort and high failure frequency is all you need to know about The Maluch (its nickname literally means “the little one”, or “the little guy”, and is a commonly recognized cultural icon in Poland).

Some people have a certain fondness for it, though. One of them being Arkady Paweł Fiedler, the grandson of a well-known Polish writer and adventurer Arkady Fiedler.

Arkady wants to keep the family tradition going, and despite all odds, take the car on a spin around the world. Will the Maluch make it? This question remains to be answered. So far, the Fiat 126p has been doing pretty well. It already crossed Poland in 2009 and Africa (!) in 2014.

When in late 2015 Arkady offered me to join a wild ride across Asia, I had to think about it first. This wasn’t an easy decision. We were scheduled to leave Poland in June 2016. The deadline seemed remote… I was supposed to leave my wife and a six-month old daughter for over 3 months? Well, we all got together and decided that this is a project we can’t pass on.

My job was to develop a documentary showing Arkady Fiedler’s ride across Asia. We ended up with 7TB of material, including more than 100 timelapses, and several hours of drone shots.

Asia OnTheWay is consists of over 3 months on the road. It’s a 14,000+ mi drive from Puszczykowo (Poland) to Vladivostok (Russia). The Fiat 126p burned 253 gallons of gas while crossing Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (twice), Kyrgyzstan (twice), Tajikistan, Mongolia, and Russia (twice).

The Maluch climbed 15,272 ft AMSL twice (the Ak-Baital Pass, Tajikistan). Its longest single day run was 308 mi in Kazakhstan. The shortest was 27 mi on the last day of the trip, in Russia. During the journey, The Maluch caught flat tire once. Among the replaced parts were: the starter, inductor (twice), ignition module, carburetor, master cylinder, oil (5x), 7 air filters, and 5 fuel filters. On top of that, while we were still in Poland, two connecting rods had to be replaced as well, because of a knocking in the engine. Still, the knocking proved to be a faithful companion along the entire journey. Moreover, somewhere in Wachau valley, Arkady had to straighten a clamp under the gearbox, that got bent on a stone.

It’s sort of funny and shows the resilience of The Maluch, that it was not supposed to “live through” Pamir (Tajikistan), but travelled halfway across the globe instead.

This Asian adventure has taught me a lot. We’ve met so many incredible people along the way. Seen so many beautiful, surreal landscapes. It was a long and rough road. It was hot (102 F) and cold (23 F). It was fun and teaching. Most of all, it was absolutely amazing. The journey was a success thanks to the hard work put in by the entire Asia OnTheWay team: Arkady Fiedler, Kamil Piechowiak, Albert Wójtowicz, Kuba Kiub, Bartek Zborek. Words can’t express how much I’m grateful to you, guys!

Here’s the teaser for the “Asia OnTheWay” documentary.

Cast: KamKam Visuals

Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon

Scarred by decades of civil war, invasions and terrorist attacks, yet blessed with magnificent mountain vistas, majestic ancient ruins and a people who are resilient.
Lebanon is a sovereign state in Western Asia. A place where culture, family and religion are all important.
I went there a couple of days, in August, for my best friend’s wedding but whenever I got a chance, I tried to capture few moments here and there of the country and I wanted to share it with you .
Hope you enjoy it!

Gear Used:
-Canon 6D
-Samyang 12mm f/2.8
-Canon 24-105mm f/4L
-GoPro 4 Black (used only for the first shot)

Thanks For watching!
All comments are welcome 🙂

Cast: Rodrigue El Hajj, Musicbed and LRTimelapse



My take on the wonderful and wacky world of the Kansai region of Japan. I wanted to capture the frenetic pace, colorful surroundings of Osaka & contrast that with the calm, serene nature of Kyoto and see if I could marry the two different worlds together into one video. A big thank you to my family for waiting patiently for me when I wanted to get a shot.

Tech Stuff: DJI Osmo
Fujifilm XT-2
Olympus 12mm F2

Music: Be Free by Aero Chord & Klaypex

Instagram: shotby_george

Cast: George Yamamoto

Southern Winter – new zealand

Southern Winter – new zealand

i filmed This short movie in New Zealand Using several methods in videography such as timelaps, aerial videography, and HDR.
Video music: Elevation, from Elevation by Really Slow Motion. You can purchase this music online: reallyslowmotion.bandcamp.com

gear :
– canon 5d markII
– nikon d810
– canon 16-35
– nikon 24-70
– dji inspire 1
– x5
-dji osmo
– syrp genie


Cast: Mohammed al_husayan