Moonrise On Titan

Moonrise On Titan

As some you might know, I’m really into space exploration and space travel. These are pretty fascinating times in regards to space exploration within our own solar system. The moons of Jupiter as well as the moons of Saturn are among the top candidates for finding life within our own solar system. Titan for instance has a thick orange/brown atmosphere, with lakes of Ethane and Methane on its surface ( I could only image what it would be like to stand on the surface of this moon, let alone seeing a celestial object rising off in the distance.

Before starting this mini project of shooting the supermoon, I honestly did not know how this experiment would go, see my blog post for more info ( After snapping a few test shots, the raw files looked otherworldly and reminded me of the few photos out there of the surface of titan. If the conditions that existed on earth were similar to those that exist on titan, this is what I would envision it to be like.

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Cast: Bruce W. Berry Jr

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