A Spider’s Life

A Spider’s Life

Spiders have been around for more than 350 million years. They are an amazingly diverse species. Far more so than humans.

Some spiders make nets to throw on their prey, others float on water and catch fish, some leap 30 times their body length to nab flies, but this is a story about a “normal” spider. She is about as common as they get, and still fascinating.

In this short film based on my LA patio, she will spin a few webs, clean up her mess and hunt for dinner.

This was shot on a Sony F55, with an Arri Alura 18-80mm lens wearing +1 and +3 diopters. Some footage was recorded at 120 FPS. After Effects was used to create the net-building particle trail.

The music was composed by Jacob Friedman, using Logic. He is talented, sharp and a joy to work with.

Cast: JJ Osbun and Jacob Friedman

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