Travel Feels: Return to Norway

Travel Feels: Return to Norway

We had the amazing chance to go to Norway again this past summer for 2 weeks thanks to Matador Network and Visit Norway. We had the best time exploring even more of Norway this time. If you haven’t been to Norway its a must! Hope you enjoy and that this inspires to get out and explore the world.

Huge thanks to Jay Perry and Rebecca Tracey for road tripping with us and just being awesome!

Filmed with Canon C300MkII, Sony A7RII and DJI Phantom 4. Edited in Premiere Pro and graded in After Effects using Vision Colors Impulz LUTs.

All the footage can be licensed through

Song: “Sky’s the Limit” by THE LADY & I.

Cast: Matti Haapoja

Split Screen Scavenger Hunt

Split Screen Scavenger Hunt

Can a smart phone video game bridge the gap for two young lovers in a very long distance relationship?

“Split Screen Scavenger Hunt” is a fictional smart phone video game app. It’s simple enough: you log in, get a list, and the first person to either video clip or photograph each item on the list wins. Our story begins with Jetta Shredgrin in Berkeley, California contacting her boyfriend Syd Baker, in Cambridge, England some 5300 miles away with a “Tweet.” This is their third game, they each have a win from the first two games. This time they raise the stakes; whoever wins gets to decide where they should live and finally begin their life together.

Written and Directed by Ryd Cook ( and Phil Loarie

Jetta Shredgrin … Janice MaƱalac

Syd Baker … Ryd Cook

Franco … Christopher Franco

Voice-overs … Phil Loarie

Berkeley Crew: …Jamie Cai, Casey Schenkelberg, Phil Loarie

Cambridge Crew ..Carl Peck, Ryd Cook

Music, Editing and Windup Animation …Phil Loarie

This motion picture began production in 2012 with Phil and Ryd ( working on an idea to collaborate on a story that spoke to comparing and contrasting Berkeley, California with Cambridge, England through a scavenger hunt. It soon grew into a story about a fictional young couple faced with a long distance relationship, a very very long distance relationship.

With no budget or sponsorship, using only volunteers, some small out of pocket money and what was at hand, these two collaborating artists managed over the past 4 years to complete this 8 minute piece.

Both Ryd and Phil sincerely hope you enjoy this entertaining romance and ask that if you like it to please pass the link on to your family and friends.

Cast: SchmueyVision and Ryd Cook