Moving Images & Music: Kent Tate. “Nautilus” is part of a new series of movies that can be viewed as individual scenes in a multiple channel installation, or as cinematic sequences in a single channel movie. Underlying the structure of these movies is a concept that I consider essential to my art practice: To infuse beauty as an act of defiance, and to challenge while satiating perception with a passionate purposeful gaze.

I began this project during an Artist residency in Blairmore, Alberta with a particular focus on the Crowsnest Pass. This was the originating step towards creating a video/sculptural project that interconnects my lifelong fascination with the prairies, the mountains, and the ocean.

The next step took place on the east coast of Vancouver Island near Nanaimo where I documented and filmed reference points that both connects and contradicts the subtle and the obscure, the self evident along with that which is not easily apparent. The third step was the exploration and filming of the light defining properties of the Cypress hills region in Saskatchewan.

The fourth step is the surveying and filming of the extraordinary complexities of shadow, light, and form in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia. One of the goals of the completed project is to build a large outdoor sculpture (film projection chamber) at a remote location that has yet to be determined.

Cast: Kent Tate

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