What You Desire

What You Desire

In december I had the chance to test the Canon EOS 1DX II for two weekends. One weekend was with my family in Pontresina (CH). When I came home I decided to use the footage for a short film and mix it with some of my timelapse footage of the past years and add the voice of Alan Watts. This is the result. Hope you like it.

Voice of: Alan Watts (with permission)
Music by: Ryan Taubert (musicbed.com)
Thanks to: Vanessa Vivarelli
Inspired by Leonardo Dalessandri, Sebastian Linda

Film: Canon EOS 1DXII with EOSHD “C-LOG” installed.
Timelapse: Sony a99, Nikon D4

Main locations: Pontresina (CH), Lago Bianco (CH), Strasbourg (FR) and Iceland

Check out my latest travel-video “The Sounds Of Traveling”: vimeo.com/136461419

Cast: Philip Vivarelli

Troubled Times

Troubled Times

I haven’t written a song with lyrics in over five years, so this piece is unusual. Feeling depressed, and strumming my acoustic guitar one day after the election, these lyrics tumbled out and demanded to be recorded. The resulting song, Troubled Times, is clearly topical, so I faced the task of creating a video that reflects these themes. I was forced for the first time to use video footage shot by other people. Some clips are my own, but most were found by scouring the internet. Hopefully, I haven’t violated any licenses or stepped on any toes. Many friends provided input and ideas about this project. Many thanks to all of them. This video is very personal, so I will be interested to see if it resonates with you too, and how. I look forward to your comments.

Camera: Panasonic GH4
Music: My own composition, entitled Troubled Times, available on Sound Cloud along with the rest of my music (soundcloud.com/gregoryvaughan/troubled-times-vocal)

Cast: Greg Vaughan

Mexico Slices ~ 7

Mexico Slices ~ 7

A little fast edit of Mexico’s sunshine. I love Mexico and the people. I enjoy evenings in Playa del Carmen too.

Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Filmed on Sony RX100iii and Sony RX100iv. Great compact travel cameras!

Special thanks for inspiration to Ben’s dancing time-lapses, Mark Rigler’s AE inspiration, and Phil SchmueyVision for recommending the Joby Gorilla Pod so many trips ago along with his unique inspiration. There are many, many here on Vimeo that give me inspiration. Love the art & diversity 🙂

Music: Beautiful Life – Marco Margna
Jamendo license

Cast: Cheryl L, Ben, Mark Rigler and SchmueyVision