7 Years Old

7 Years Old

Last weekend I found myself mid-air heading to Los Angeles. It was unexpected. Mom had a stroke the night before. The air stank of putrid uncertainty. The flight movie was “The Arrival,” a science fiction fantasy. Not my kind of a movie but I had to watch it as I desperately needed the distraction. In the movie the protagonist has contact with aliens and she can see the future. Later in the movie something very interesting happens. She chooses to have a child knowing that the child will die of cancer at the age of seven. Despite the certainty of this knowledge, she decides to get pregnant.
I found this decision fascinating at first but was soon struck with a more profound realization. Aren’t we ALL clairvoyant in our own ways?! Whether it’s seven, seventy, or anywhere in between we give the gift of life knowing that it’s temporary and fleeting with every passing moment. We all know that our stay on this abode is temporary and our souls are fragile from the moment we step into the world. We pay lip service to enjoying our time together but do we really?!
The video below is an 8th birthday project for my Son that I started last week, a few days before Mom’s stroke. I finished it at her bedside this past weekend at the Hospital. Thankfully, Mom has had a near miraculous recovery and we’re all grateful for our luck. I would like to dedicate this video to her as well as all the Moms out there who share the gift of life.
Get well Mom! Let’s all enjoy our time together. Thank you for this precious gift.

Cast: Ali

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