The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands

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Μy last trip to Norway during February, 2017.
The Lofoten Archipelago is spread on the northwest side of Norway, very close to the borders of the Arctic Circle. It is a cluster of small fishing villages and is often called “the Foot of the lynx” because of its shape.
The villages are full of legends, maybe because of their natural beauty and their mysterious landscapes, or maybe because there the Sun either never rises or never sets. The only thing you can hear is the thousand voices of birds, the wind and the sound of the sea. That combination of the landscape which comes into view every morning and the sounds of nature is a priceless experience that fills you with energy and inspiration for the whole day, no matter what you have to face.
Music by Ryan Taubert – One Precious Moment
Assistant Cinematographer – Aris Christou
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Cast: Nick Kontostavlakis and DJI

Harbor Passing 2010 – 2016

Harbor Passing 2010 – 2016

Sometimes memories are like dreams. No matter how striking or lucid, they flee our minds faster than we can grasp, leaving only an eerie feeling of loss and disbelief.

A hasty exit from a familiar and often heartwarming place may also feel like a loss not unlike when we lose a loved one to death or divorce or a separation, we have no control over the outcome. When I retired from my tech position at UC Berkeley last year, I was drowning in a rising tide of rents. I had no idea where I would go let alone arriving in San Luis Obispo. Looking back and sorting out all the details, I have to admit that it is beyond my comprehension how I ended up in this wonderful place other than to say I seem to have been called here by a voice that spoke to a new beginning as a full time artist.

Even with this leap of faith my memories of my last 23 years in Marina Bay near the Port of Richmond sometimes haunt me like a lost friend. “Harbor Passing 2010 – 2016,” is a requiem to such a friend.

Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v camcorder
Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Yamaha S0-8 Synthesizer
Zoom G2.1u Effects Pedal
Camera, music and editing by Phil Loarie
Post Production: Chumash Village, San Luis Obispo, California.

Cast: SchmueyVision

Exploring Mosel

Exploring Mosel

Exploring Moselland with two friends. We went exploring in djesper’s car for three days. An awesome car for this trip!
Hope you enjoy my edit!
Thanks to Djesper for helping out with the drone shots.
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People in this video:
Ruben Van Vreckem:

Music: Mickey Valen ft. Noé – Meet Me (OTR Remix)

Gear used:
Canon 6D
Canon 60D
DJI Mavic
Manfrotto Tripods

Cast: Charles Pacqué

Levi Patel – Since Last Letters (Official Music Video)

Levi Patel – Since Last Letters (Official Music Video)

SINCE LAST LETTERS is the first single from Levi Patel’s upcoming album AFFINITY.

Shot by Nils Clauss in Leh, Indian Himalayan Region on the 17th of September 2016 ahead of promo shoot for Samsung together with Neil Dowling. To find out more about the promo shoot, please read the following interview on Directors Notes and also watch the film:

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Cast: Nils Clauss and Levi Patel

AUSTRALIA – The Eagle Eye

AUSTRALIA – The Eagle Eye

A journey across Australia from an eagle’s eye. Featuring animals and landscapes from deserts to the ocean, including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land, The Pilbara, Western Australian Deserts and Cairns to Cape York.

Cinematography: Nick Robinson, Luke Peterson, Caspar Mazzotti, Cam Batten, Sid Tinney

Editor: Caspar Mazzotti

Music licensed from Beatbox
‘Lumina’ by M J Petrie
‘Swarm Of Lights’ by N Jean, G Felix, S Casais
‘Earthrise’ by C P Haigh

Copyright 2017 Wild Pacific Media

Cast: Wild Pacific Media

GLOW Eindhoven – Light Art Festival

GLOW Eindhoven – Light Art Festival

The GLOW festival is an annual Light Art festival in the city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands). This year’s GLOW edition was focussed on magnificent light projects evolving around the theme City & Science.

We made this cinematic compilation of the festival, showcasing some of the most spectacular artworks displayed throughout the city. All light art projects are exhibited along one GLOW route consisting of a loop of 3.5 kilometres across the University of Technology area and one loop of 3.8 kilometres across the city centre of Eindhoven.

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Gear used:

Camera: Sony A7S II
Lenses: Sony SEL 24-70mm f/4 + Samyang 14mm (sony) 2.8 AF
Slider: Digislider 2 Axis Auto-Pan
Software: Premiere Pro CC + After Effects CC

Cast: Nick Vinken

Timeless Transylvania

Timeless Transylvania

There’s more to Transylvania than Dracula, fairy-tale castles and medieval cities. For me it is a land of myth with breathtaking scenery, picturesque villages, virgin forests and well-preserved fortified churches. It’s like stepping back in time to a place where traditions are kept from generation to generation and where man and nature coexist. It’s a timeless place.

The filming took 12 days in October while we visited the following locations: Trascău Mountains (in the Apuseni Mountain range), Târnava and Hârtibaci Plateau (inside Sighişoara-Sibiu-Braşov triangle) and Moieciu. We were very lucky to catch the morning mist in Biertan, Viscri and Aries Valley.

The gear used: Nikon D7200, Nikon D7000, DJI Phantom 4 and a motorized slider. The film is edited in 4k 60 fps for a smooth camera motion. Drone footage was recorded in 24 fps and sped up to match the 60 fps format.


Copyright © Mihai Doarna 2017

Cast: Mihai Doarna