europe :||: SUITE No. 1

europe :||: SUITE No. 1

From the shores of Monaco, to the memorials of Berlin, to the dampened streets of Paris.

I’ve always been caught in the crossfire of disputes on “favourite” European cities and despite popular belief, I’ve always picked the heart of France among other equally prominent sites. It’s the art, the food, the history, the populous city scene and, most importantly, the people. My trip was a little longer than that, so I threw in other amazing cities into the fold. I don’t trust my words to do these cities enough justice, so I’m going to use pictures instead.


Narrated by Lewis Lai

“Suite” by Heather Dohollau
(from Le Dit des couleurs, 2003)

Sajan Gill as Red Jacket |

Sound Editing by Bryson Dodwell |

Thumbnail and Design by Terry Mota |

MoGraph Logo by Medi Farshidfar |

Design Consultants: Mariam Kahn and Shantanu Jahagirdar |

Editing Consultant: Ericsson San Pablo Chu |

Additional Feedback: Paul Methot, George Vulic, Ivy Chan, Agatha Ho

Grade: Lumetri Colour & Lightroom

Camera: Sony a7s


The Brothers Bloom OST by Nathan Johnson
One Perfect Moment by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Sea of Voices by Porter Robinson


South Asia (Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Macau, Singapore):
South Korea:

Cast: Anthony Poon

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