I am going to take you in Lebanon, Je vous emmène au Liban

Intro Poem:
The moon said to the sun “oh cutie”
How much i’d like to hug you and kiss you
The sun felt shy and ran away in the night
And she starting knocking knocking at the door of the horizon
This side her cheek burns
And that side she is still not used to be kissed by anyone

Ibrahim Maalouf – Lily&Soon Will Be A Woman
Fairouz- Ams ‘Intahaina
Yasmine Hamdan – Aleb

Direct – Film – Cut: Antonin Lechat
Translate from Arabic to English: Sally Abou Melhem

Cast: Lechat Films

Planet Berlin – 360° Timelapse

Planet Berlin – 360° Timelapse

I have experimented a little bit with 360° cameras and here is the first result with a few shots from Berlin. There may be a few more of these films coming, but this will be a little bit down the road…

A 360° time-lapse film by Joerg Daiber.

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Web: spoonfilm.com

You can license raw footage clips from the Little Big World series here: gettyimages.de/video/spoonfilm?phrase=spoonfilm&excludenudity=true&sort=best#license

Shot with Kodak Pixpro 4k. Postproduction with Adobe Creative Production Suite.

Music: Cooky Walk by Daniel Rudd.

Cast: Joerg Daiber

The Ballot or the Bullet | An American Portrait

The Ballot or the Bullet | An American Portrait

As a Canadian traveling through Baltimore and Washington during the time of the Trump election, I noticed a lot of things that stood out to me. The anger, aggression and divide between the political parties, the extremely evident racial separation and the stark contrast between the rich and the poor. These things were all incredibly prominent as we drove through the streets of these cities. I wanted to create a video that would not only show this, but also deliver a message that to me, all this divide and anger does not make any sense. In the world that we live in today, we need more love and compassion, we need more understanding for each other and we need to make a change.

-Nick Schafer
Fresh Finish Media

Filmed With:
Panasonic GH4 / Metabones Speedbooster / Canon 24-105mm f4
Graded with Davinci Resolve 12.5 – blackmagicdesign.com/ca/products/davinciresolve
FilmConvert – filmconvert.com/

Music From:
Epidemic Sound

Cast: Fresh Finish Media



In September we spent two weeks with five cameras and two sleeping bags in Tenerife to explore the island abroad from all the tourism hotspots, focussing on its nature and lost places.
In 10 days we slept several nights beneath one of the most breathtaking night skies there are in the whole world, visited ghost town, a forgotten village which used to be a leper colony until it was abandoned, and found a lost hotel, which’s construction was suddenly stopped in the 70s because the owner was unknown.
We gathered 42.187 shots which kept us over 240 hours busy in post production and take up 1,12 Terra bytes of our hard drives.

Video produced by:
Thomas Pöcksteiner // Peter Jablonowski

Sounddesign by:
Alex Clement

Music by:
Camo & Krooked – Good Times Bad Times (camoandkrooked.com)

Equipment used:
+ Sony A7s
+ Sony A7R II
+ Canon 5D Mark III
+ 2x Canon 6D
+ Emotimo TB3
+ 2x Pocketslider (pocketslider.de)
+ Canon 11-24mm F4
+ Canon TS-E 17mm F4
+ Canon 24-105mm F4
+ Tamron 24-70mm F2,8
+ Sony 24-70 F4
+ Samyang/Walimex 14mm F2,8
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All shots are available in 5K!

Cast: FilmSpektakel

Aural Hallucination – the project

Aural Hallucination – the project

Aural Hallucination – a collaboration art project by
ferrie = differentieel at audio.dailym.net/2017/04/aural-hallucination/
Jimmy the Peach at jimmythepeach.com
Marlijn Franken at marlijnfrankenfilms.nl

a polyphonic transcription based on the poem Aural Hallucination
voice and poem by Jimmy
transcripted to music by ferrie
visualized by Marlijn

an album in 15 parts

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int.

Cast: ferrie = differentieel, Marlijn Franken and Jimmy the Peach