This Is Where I Live (Qatar) 4K By Samim Qazi

This Is Where I Live (Qatar) 4K By Samim Qazi

Music by Ivan Torrent, please do check his work in below mention links:

Finally here I present my latest time-lapse film. It took almost a two years efforts, struggles and creativity to come up with this project. It was a tough period with ups and down going on in my life….

the whole thing started with the idea of 3 minutes, but as I kept on shooting it kept on going and finally I decided to make it 6 minute length to match it with a perfect music which I found and for that I wanna thank Ivan Torrent for his wonderful master piece

Anyhow here I’m excited to share with you my recent project, “This is where I live” dedicated to my beautiful second homeland (Qatar).

Canon 550D with Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, Canon 18-55mm and Rokinon 8mm Ultra Wide Angle f/3.5 Fisheye
Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm, 14mm Samyang, and Tamron 70-200mm

Motion Gear:
Syrp Genie
Emotimo TB3

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier and LRTimelapse

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Cast: Samim Qazi



A portrait about the world’s number one vintage motorcycle expert and his appreciation for one particular motorcycle. The Neander. An incredible machine form the late 1920s. A piece of German history very few people in the motorcycle world know about. Particular to one man and his genius. Ernst Neumann-Neander. The Neander does not only look futuristic it performs as well as it looks.


True motion pictures

Alexander Papastawrou

Voe & Marcus Schütze


Arno Boetsch, Maximilian Duwe

Fabian Maier-Bode

by Modest Mouse
From the album
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

Lake Constance, Germany

Cast: Voe

The Canals of Delft

The Canals of Delft

The canals of Delft were incorporated into the original city planning. They served as defense and lifelines throughout the city, delivering goods, people, and supplies. The word “delft” itself is derived from “delven” or, “to dig”. The oldest canal line is the Old Delft, and the city has expanded around it over the past 750 years. The other city canals, or grachten, are still central to city life.
On july 01 2017 i visited the city of Delft in the Netherlands and shot this film.

Soundtrack: Albinoni Adagio for Orchestra by Madi-Composer, licenced under Creative Commons Licence
Camera: Panasonic GH4 +14-140mm lens

Cast: Ton van de Merwe

Java island from above

Java island from above

Watch in 4K !!!

This short video was made during a week spent in Java, Indonesia, driving on my motorbike in east and central Java.

Unfortunately on a third day my iPhone was stolen,
so some of a shots (well 2/3 of them) i had to make in a “blind” mode,
hoping that there will be something worth showing…


on day 6 gimbal of my DJI Mavic Pro died.
So the seaside shots were made with uncontrollable (looking down) camera and flying with no visual…

Still glad that could made something from that tho 🙂

Music: Misha Mishenko – hurricane vindur

Editing: FinalCut Pro X

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Cast: AntonGanja



‘Untamed, Wyoming’s Red Desert’ is a personal take on one of my favorite areas in Wyoming. Like most of the country, large portions of the Red Desert have seen a fair share of development. But there are still a handful of pristine, wilderness quality areas scattered throughout the vast landscape, and a majority of them are surrounded by large sections of public land. This video is a wandering tour through many of those locations. They are referred to as Wilderness Study Areas by the federal government, and have been in a limbo status, somewhere between protected and outright ignored, for over 20 years. A wider awareness of these places appears somewhat limited, as most of these WSAs receive only a handful of visitors every year. If you’re looking for accessible, wilderness quality experiences, with unparalleled solitude, surrounded by some of the largest herds of wildlife in the United States, the Red Desert should be on the top of your list.

This video is dedicated to my baby daughter. It is with enthusiasm that I look forward to the opportunity to share these places with her when she is old enough to appreciate them for their uniqueness and beauty. It is our responsibility as stewards of these public lands to keep them safe so that future generations may enjoy them. And to pass on a joy and passion for the wild spaces to those willing to accept it. If we let these places lose their limited protections, they’ll never be the same. The Red Desert has many fragile ecosystems that do not recover well from damage caused by development.

Ashley Holbrook created the custom track for this video. He was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with.
Social media:

Areas photographed in this video:
Alkali Draw Wilderness Study Area
Devil’s Playground Wilderness Study Area
Honeycomb Buttes Wilderness Study Area
Oregon Buttes Wilderness Study Area
Red Creek Badlands Wilderness Study Area
Twin Buttes Wilderness Study Area
Big Sandy Foothills with focus on Elk Mountain and Prospect Mountains
Cedar Mountain
Kinney Rim

If you read this far, I want to explain my reasoning for not including more night/Milky Way material. There are plenty of people that do this better than me, but my main reason for not doing so is that we’ve already lost the wildness of our night skies. Cities and power plants pollute after dark with low horizon light, while satellites and high altitude aircraft zip in front of the stars. It’s not as apparent to the naked eye, but cameras these days pick up every single object and light source, even in the distance. This is readily apparent in the final sequence of this video, and why I chose to have it as the parting shot. We’ve already lost the wildness of our viewable skies, and that is the price of progress. That is not yet the case for the wilderness on ground.

Cast: Nicolaus Wegner