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Combarro Tourlapse

Combarro Tourlapse

Combarro, en el corazon de las Rias Baixas, en Poio, Pontevedra un lugar unico con una atmosfera, costumbres y arquitectura que hacen de esta villa marinera una visita obligada , descubre Combarro a traves de este TourLapse
Combarro, in the heart of Rias Baixas, in Galicia an unique fishing village filled of deep culture, arquitecture suronded by an incredible atmosphere, discover Combarro with this Tourlapse video

Cast: Alex Rodriguez video timelapse

train ride through MALLORCA

train ride through MALLORCA

Mallorca (Spain), spring 2017.

A short nature break to the beautiful island of Mallorca.
I took a wooden vintage train and a tram from Palma to the northwest area of the island. An interesting and scenic train ride through the Tramuntana mountain range.
Mountain hiking, breathtaking views, charming villages and a lot of fresh squeezed orange juice!

Locations: Sóller, Port de Sóller, Deià, Cala Deià.

Music: “Visible Grace” by Luke Neumann

Cast: Ria Ado

ARTIO – Northern California Time Lapse

ARTIO – Northern California Time Lapse

ARTIO – Spring Goddess shaping up Northern California landscapes. Abundance of wildlife, overflowing waterfalls, mountain peaks covered with white blankets of snow, blooming flowers are my picturesque rewards. Here is my photographic journey throughout most interesting natural wonders in this part of the state. Every day brought unforgettable scenery and experience hard to describe in words. I would like to share at least some of it with you in this visual expression. Artio (Swiss/Celtic) – Bear Goddess is a symbol of spring and my personal encounter with this animal was a highlight of the whole trip. There is much more to discover out there and always not enough time.
Equipment used: Canon 5D MK III with Promote Control, Two Syrp Genie Minis for panning and tilting, Manfrotto tripod. Canon lenses – EF 16-35 f/2.8 and EF 24-105 f/4. Pictures processed in LR Time Lapse, Lightroom 5, After Effects and edited in Sony Movie Studio 13.
Music by Tony Anderson – Eyes Wide Open licensed from Musicbed
For footage licensing please contact
Here is a list of some places from this movie
– Redwoods National Park
– Lassen National Park
– Potem falls
– Glass beach
– McArthur–Burney Falls
– Lake Tahoe
– Mono Lake
– Alamare falls
To watch it in 4K please click here

Cast: PrimoMedia

A TOUGH RACE – “Dreilaendergiro Nauders 2017”

A TOUGH RACE – “Dreilaendergiro Nauders 2017”


The “Dreilaendergiro” is a road bike race for hobby athletes, which is taking place in Austria. It is so cool to see how connected and friendly all the participants are. They share and live the same passion. No matter about the weather was the motto of this years edition. The temperatures were extremely low this year, in addition heavy rainfall and light thunderstorm were happening. Of course some athletes decided to surrender, but a lot of them were as motivated as always and together they managed to finish the Race. It was so cool and inspiring to see how a sport can connect people and help them to accomplish their goals!

Thanks for watching!

Film & Edit
Mathias Obmascher & Florian Albert

Sound & Sound Effects:


Cast: Matze Obmascher and Florian Albert

Hello Helsinki

Hello Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland.
For the last six years Helsinki has ranked in the Top 10 of the most liveable city in the world. If you watch this video you will get an idea why.

Enjoy this ride through the city from entertainment park Linnanmäki via the the rock church Temppeliaukio, the Cathedrale and the Harbor to the beautiful island Suomenlinna in 4 amazing minutes.

Many thanks to Anne Relander, Tia Hallanoro, Leena Karpinnen, Jasmin Timperi & Riitta Kokkonnen from the City of Helsinki for supporting this episode.

A tilt-shift time-lapse film by Joerg Daiber.


You can license raw footage clips from the Little Big World series here:

Shot with Lumix GH4 and GH5, 14-140mm and 7-14mm Lumix Lenses. Postproduction with Adobe Creative Production Suite.

Music: Overture Ruslan and Ludmilla by Michael Glinka performed by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Keith J.Salmon.

Cast: Joerg Daiber

Chicago Timelapse Project – Windy City Nights III

Chicago Timelapse Project – Windy City Nights III

Windy City Nights III is a personal timelapse piece and part of a larger overall project called the “Chicago Timelapse Project” which is a continuation of showcasing Chicago and for a love of night time city photography. One of the things I have always wanted to do was to combine some of my favorite and memorable shots from previous projects and mix them with new shots. This is what you get with Windy City Nights III. It’s a culmination of photography work in Chicago at night for the past 5 years. My focus has always been on the city skyline and the architecture of the buildings. I really enjoy night time photography because it lends itself well to the timelapse technique. With all the movement and lights at night, it really is something special. You can really see the pulse of Chicago at night. My traditional style of photography lends itself well to photographing this amazing city. I have tried to stay true to my style over the years even though different timelapse techniques and technology exists these days. Chicago has a lot to offer with it’s unique style and capturing pretty imagery is something I enjoy doing.

Some of the best moments in making these projects is having the ability to touch people on an emotional level. It’s amazing over the years all the messages I have received about how my work has had an emotional impact on them. It’s always a pleasure to know this, things like this, keep us artists going. I want to give a plug to my business partner at Threaded Films, Ross Gerbasi of Chicago. His early timelapse work in Chicago is what inspired me to get started photographing the city at night. Ross is a talented guy and we have collaborated on numerous projects over the past several years together. Also, thanks to all those Chicagoan’s who I have worked with over the years to secure locations for some of these shots. These shots could not have been captured without you all.

The gear I used in making this is motion control equipment from Kessler Crane and I used Canon 5Ds and 1DX2s paired with Canon Cinema Glass.

Thank You!

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Cast: Max Wilson and Ross Gerbasi

Rubén, el evangelizador / Rubén, the evangelizer

Rubén, el evangelizador / Rubén, the evangelizer

Rubén García is a homosexual and Catholic evangelizer. He shares his testimony in conferences or TV shows. Rubén reveals the transformations that convert him in the person he is today.

Rubén García -homosexual y evangelizador católico- comparte su testimonio en conferencias o en programas de televisión. Rubén revela las transformaciones que lo convirtieron en la persona que es hoy.

Realización/ Directors: Erick Flores & Miguel Cedeño.
Fotografía/ Cinematography: Erick Flores & César Orozco.
Música/ Music: David del Fierro & Erick Flores.
Formato/Format: Digital Full HD. Color.
Año/Year: 2015.

10º Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México (DocsDF)
Selección festival MIX

Cast: Erick Flores Garnelo and César Orozco

Lost in Time | 4K

Lost in Time | 4K

My first time-lapse film. Captured in Austria in the past year.
Music by Steven Gutheinz “lost time”/musicbed

Technical: Shot on Nikon D800 | Motion control system: Emotimo Spectrum + Dynamic Perception Slider | Hyperlapse shot on Panasonic GH5 + Zhiyun Crane or handheld | Aerial: Phantom 4 Pro

For licensing & inquires please contact:
All shots are available in 5K or more.

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Cast: Stefan Gimpl