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The Island of the Gods  (Bali)

The Island of the Gods (Bali)

Travelling through Bali, Indonesia.


I’ve been to Indonesia many time in the past while travelling through Asia and I have always wanted to show people how I see Bali. Most of the time I hear travellers talking about Bali and its all negative. Too many beaches, too many drunk tourists, and too many eat pray lovers looking for spiritual awakening. I want to show them that at the heart of this place there is something that drew people here a long time ago. Something more than beaches and bars. I’m no good at writing so I wont attempt to tell you what makes this place special, see for yourself. This wasn’t just a holiday for me, it was more like going home.

Thanks to the amazing people of bali and all the people I travelled with along the way: Jeanette, Christina, Gede(and family),Dani, Sissi, Charly

Music by Armand Amar
Home I, Home II, Home III

Camera/editing: Marty Mellway

There are a couple of shots from Malaysia in there as well.

Cast: Returning To Nomadism

the end meet the beginning

the end meet the beginning

7 friends 7 days 7 destinations
when mountain and sea become surreal inspirations, on how we say grateful to the almighty ..
7 friends spent 7 days to visit 7 great destinations resulting in a great adventure ..
walk and swim, hike and dive, eat and pray ..
in sickness and in health for the joy and the fun of memories to keep.

the tallest man on earth – 1904

gopro hero2 (underworld/underwater)

Cast: acionk



Impressions from our trip to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia
in september and october 2012. Enjoy!

// Camera: 7D + GoPro Hero2
// Editing: APP CS6
// Color: Colorista II

// Music: “softly and slowly (feat. Rob Boak) – Sun Glitters”
“Cloudless – Wobinidan”
“too much to lose – Sun Glitters”
“Farmer Techno- Wobinidan”

Cast: Birk Poßecker and vagabondi

London – Breathe

London – Breathe

Mood video about London

This is very short story about my visiting England. I was shooting it 1 day, and weather was not so friendly(Surprisingly to hear it from Siberian inhabitant).
Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Видео-настроение о замечательной столице Великобритании. Съемки велись один день при условиях недружелюбной погоды(наверное удивительно слышать это от человека с сердца Сибири). Надеюсь видео на секунду перенесет вас в ту атмосферу, что я испытал. Приятного просмотра.

Cast: Yura Hmelnitskiy|V-Emotion

Crete Balos Beach

Crete Balos Beach

Oh yes… Balos beach.
This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Thank god I had my gear with me. I got the Sony Nex FS700 just 1 day before we departed for Crete. I only had the camera and a mini tripod. There for I was limited with camera movements but when you have a such beautiful place infront of your lens it shouldn’t be a problem no mather what. The rest of the gear that I ordered was still on its way so I grabed what I had and left.

The beach is located on a remote location. You need at least a Jeep to get near it and then it takes 45min by foot to get to it. The most amazing part of the experiance is the view because the first time you see the beach is from the top. You walk 20min through a rocky path (or take the Donky Taxi for 5eur 🙂 ) and then suddenly the view opens infront of you with the beach in all its glory. I was so determined to document this place that once I was already at the bottom and I realized that I have forgotten my battery charger in the car I went up the path again to get it. The path itself is hard to a point that some people only walk to the view from the top to see it. Trust me… It’s worth the walk! 😉

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Camera – Sony Nex FS700
Lenses – Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM

Tripod – Gorilla Tripod

Music by Afterlife parade – Maypole

Cast: Žiga Zupančič