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Malaysia Trip

Malaysia Trip

Our 4 weeks trip in Malaysia, across Borneo and the Malaysia peninsula, between rain forests and paradisiac islands, hike and scuba diving…
Once again, thanks very much to Opodo and Malaysia Airlines, who allow us to discover Asia for the fist time !!
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Quatre semaines de trip en Malaisie, à travers Bornéo et la péninsule Malaisienne, entre forêts tropicales et îles paradisiaques, randonnées et plongée sous-marine…
Encore un grand merci à Opodo et Malaysia Airlines, qui nous ont permis de partir pour la première fois découvrir l’Asie !!
A suivre !

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Cast: Plus d’un monde, Steve Boudin and Valentine Chauvin

Nepal & India: The Experience of Impermanence

Nepal & India: The Experience of Impermanence

2013, Travel Video, HD, 1’34”

We began our trip on 11th March in Kathmandu and ended up on 13rd May 2013 in Thiruvananthapuram. It was an endless exploration, breathtaking culture, once for a lifetime experience and yes; obviously we had lots of fun.

Music: Mumbai by Mike Barresi (Under Non-Commercial License)

Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 and supported with Canon EOS 60D.
Edited in the order it was shot.
Color Grading in Red Giant Magic Bullet.

My Personal Opinion about GoPro Hero 3 (White Edition):
Our Hero 3 was our third member during 63 days of traveling. To be honest, it was not a satisfactory at all and not a good teammate. Firstly, battery life was frustrating. We really regret about not having a backup battery. Avg. time for 1080p settings is 2 hrs., that’s what GoPro tells on its website. But our battery standed for mostly 1 hr. On the other hand, not having a LCD Touch makes it harder to frame what you capture so it was another regret. Next? It gave some SD errors or got frozen for 4-5 times without reason. Unfortunately all of that circumstances caused to miss some best moments of the trip. I highly recommend to have a backup battery if you’re travelling with GoPro and having a LCD Touch as well because while travelling it is almost impossible to repeat the shooting. It works randomly if you wanna something non-fiction!

I still believe that GoPro is perfectly ideal for capturing extreme-sports and self-documentation. But these were what I had experienced as a semi-pro user.

Cast: Efecan Kobo