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Lust for More – A journey through Asia

Lust for More – A journey through Asia

This is a video of my 4 month backpack trip through S/E Asia. We visited Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. I was completely inexperienced when it comes to film making, I got in to it through the love for photography I’ve been developing over the past few years. I’ve had a lot of fun filming it, going through the footage and finally editing it! Longing already for the next trip.

Song: «Lionheart» by Emancipator
Gear: Canon 650D (18-55 / 50mm 1.8) + GoPro Hero 3 Silver

Cast: Martijn Hermans

Backpackers – chapter II: CAMBODIA

Backpackers – chapter II: CAMBODIA

2 boys. 3 countries. 23 days.

We arrived in Phnom Penh by boat through the Mekong River and we spent about 8 days going up the country till Battambang, via Siem Reap.
Cambodia is fantastic and really varied: we moved from completely uncivilized areas to touristic places full of charm, like the archaeological site of Angkor, structures that leave you totally breathless.
This is ‘my’ Cambodia.

Other episodes:

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Canon 5d mkII

Click here to see trip’s pics by my friend Andrea Egidi:

A special thanks to Costanza Danelon, for the text in the subtitles.

Filmed & Edited by: Marco Santi

Music: Sigur Rós – Sæglópur

Cast: Marco Santi and sigur rós



Impressions from our trip to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia
in september and october 2012. Enjoy!

// Camera: 7D + GoPro Hero2
// Editing: APP CS6
// Color: Colorista II

// Music: “softly and slowly (feat. Rob Boak) – Sun Glitters” sunglitters.bandcamp.com
“Cloudless – Wobinidan” jamendo.com/de/artist/7462/wobinidan
“too much to lose – Sun Glitters”
“Farmer Techno- Wobinidan”

Cast: Birk Poßecker and vagabondi

Pan Asia

Pan Asia

Impressions from our last trip to south east. 🙂

Music done by myself. (c) 2011

Shot with a 7D, all handheld, unfortunately no IS….Enjoy!
If you like this, you might like this (newer one) as well: vimeo.com/47767166

Join me 🙂 facebook.com/Paul.Wex.Films

reUP: Rec.709 color fixed

Cast: Paul Wex

The Mysterious Angkor Wat

The Mysterious Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the most revered and beloved travel destinations in the world. Two Cambodian locals, Yut and Chor, speak about the mystery, history, and beauty that surrounds the temple.

“Angkor Wat is so special to me, and Cambodians in general, because it is a symbol of Cambodian existence.”

Meet Yut at Angkor Walkers: angkorwalkers.com/ and Chor at Pepy Ride: pepycambodia.org/

Cast: Humanity.TV, Kerrin Sheldon and Gaston Blanchet