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CONTINUUM is a feature length documentary telling the story of where we came from, who we are, and the possiblities of our future. The film features interviews with poets and astronauts, physicists and storytellers, anthropologists and Tibetan lamas, and stunning cinematography from around the world. The many voices of the film share a unified vision: we must start acting as a planetary civilization.

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CAST (more interviews coming soon)

Peter Russell – physicist and author of ‘The Global Brain’ and ‘Waking Up In Time’
David Loy – Buddhist scholar and author of ‘The World is Made of Stories’ and ‘Money, Sex, War, Karma’
Joanna Macy – environmental activist and author of ‘World as Lover, World as Self’
Wade Davis – anthropologist and author of ‘The Serpent and the Rainbow’
Paul Hawken – environmentalist and author of ‘Blessed Unrest’
H.H. 17th Gyalwa Karmapa – spiritual teacher of the Tibetan people
Janine Benyus – natural sciences writer and expert on biomimicry
Ron Garan – NASA astronaut and founder of Fragile Oasis
Sean Kelly – author of ‘Coming Home: The Birth and Transformation of the Planetary Era’
Cynthia Brown – writer and teacher of Big History
Barry Lopez – environmental writer, artist and journalist
Anam Thubten – Buddhist teacher in the Nyingma tradition
Bill McKibben – environmentalist, author and founder of 350.org
Alan Senauke – social activist and Zen Buddhist teacher
Drew Dellinger – social activist and poet
Bernie Glassman – American Zen Buddhist and co-founder of the Zen Peacemakers
Lawrence Ellis – complexity science consultant and spiritual activist
Wes Nisker – writer, comedian and editor of ‘Inquiring Mind’ journal
Sam Mickey – environmental ethics professor at the University of San Francisco

Produced by: Steve Kennedy, Guy Reid, Christoph Ferstad
Directed by: Guy Reid
Edited by: Steve Kennedy
Director of Photography: Christoph Ferstad
Original Soundtrack: The Human Suits (humansuits,com)

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