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Lust for More – A journey through Asia

Lust for More – A journey through Asia

This is a video of my 4 month backpack trip through S/E Asia. We visited Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. I was completely inexperienced when it comes to film making, I got in to it through the love for photography I’ve been developing over the past few years. I’ve had a lot of fun filming it, going through the footage and finally editing it! Longing already for the next trip.

Song: «Lionheart» by Emancipator
Gear: Canon 650D (18-55 / 50mm 1.8) + GoPro Hero 3 Silver

Cast: Martijn Hermans



Cycling in Iceland seems like a great idea, but you have to be prepared to fight. Strong wind, unstoppable rain, gravel road, hurrying tourist in buses, cars and caravans make this idea tough. But you are not alone, you have friend cycling with you, birds showing right direction, bright midnight sun and incomprehensibly beautiful nature surrounding your way.

During 3 weeks we cycled over 1000 kilometres, visited spectaculars places (Highlands, West fjords), met great people and enjoyed our life. This all is reflected in this short video.

And now we know that Iceland is definitely one of the places you should see before you die!

Big thanks to Jack Matthias for the GREAT song.

Shot on Canon EOS 600D (18-55mm kit lens, Helios 44-4 58mm f2) and Gopro Hero2

Cast: Petr Mezník



This is a short film based on the photography and writings of Rob Lutter.

His project, The LifeCycle, is a global cycling tour from London to London and has so far taken him 2 years and 15,000km to Hong Kong – his half way point.

Struggling with OCD and failing to find creativity at home, Rob left his home in England in 2011 alone by bicycle to find new life and meaning out on the open road.

After a recent successful Kickstarter to ‘kickrestart’ his journey, Rob is preparing to embark on the second leg of his tour to continue forth to the UK which he expects to complete by 2016.
The Life Cycle is also raising funds for mental health organisations OCD-UK (ocduk.org) and MIND (mind.org.uk)

This is a mixed-media work incorporating Rob’s photography in 3D space and footage shot on location in Hong Kong.

Follow Rob on: thelifecycle.roblutter.com/
Instagram: instagram.com/roblutter#
Facebook: facebook.com/roblutter
Twitter: twitter.com/robertlutter

Directed, shot and edited by Edwin Lee
Aerial cinematography by Will Clem
Co-produced by Shawn Tse and Tom McLean

‘Waking Up’ by M83
‘Feather on the Clyde’ by Passenger (Stefan Biniak Private Remix)


When I first read about Rob on PetaPixel, which led to his Kickstarter and The LifeCycle website, I was immediately drawn to his stunning photography and deep, philosophical journal entries. I’ve always believed travelling and adventuring as a means to self-discovery. But reading about his frustration and unhappiness at home, and the steps he took to alleviate that – by embarking on this adventure – was just as captivating. It mirrored a period of time I went through. I failed to embark on my own grand adventure due to 4 years of illness in my early twenties. Having recovered now and worked my way up like a dog in Hong Kong’s media industry, I started to look back and yearned for that sense of adventure once again. My life today could have turned out different if I did take that adventure and may not have ended up in Hong Kong. Not necessarily for better or worse. Just different. Perhaps it was a fitting coincidence that Rob and I both worked in the film industries and us also hitting 30 this year.

When I realised Rob was in Hong Kong, I just thought to myself, I needed to chat with this guy and delve into his mindset. Here was someone who just happened to be in my home town, on the precipice of his great second leg of his adventure. I had to find him. When I discovered Rob had previously worked in the film industry, and his love for M83 and the Cinematic Orchestra, an idea sparked in my head to make a video with him. The initial idea was cloudy at best – I didn’t really have a solid pitch for Rob when we first met. I’m just glad we had similar music choices!

A week earlier, a friend – who also loved photography and cycling – and I were discussing about her urge for change and hitting a creative impasse. Here was someone I thought who was already doing amazing work, so, it’s dismaying to see someone lose direction. I struggled to find words of encouragement.
So when I first encountered The LifeCycle, I thought Rob was a great example of someone who combined both elements and exhibited the passion for adventure and the push for change that was so galvanising.

Then the idea of the film began to form into something tangible at least. I wanted to produce something to help Rob and his project, as well as in turn the charities he’s assisting by doing it in the one way I know best.
Rob’s journal entries are deep and thought-provoking, and I wanted to incorporate his words into a narration piece that exemplified his passion for adventure, his thoughts on the universe and the inner demons he faced.
I wanted to create a film that was a mix of documentary and hyper stylised film. I was also inspired by the YouTube videos based on the words of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (youtu.be/9D05ej8u-gU) and philosopher Alan Watts (Really, check them out if you haven’t yet).

This was a no-budget, non-commercial film; assisted by great friends, and fueled by the desire to create. I hope this collaborative film with Rob can motivate others to take that adventure they’ve always wanted; to make that leap into the unknown; and ultimately to not squander life.

Sony FS100 24/60p
Leica M lenses: 28mm f2.8, 50mm f.10, 100mm f2.8 (courtesy of ClassicalCameraShop.hk)
GoPro HERO 3
DJI Phantom quadcopter with Tarot T-2D gimbal

Special thanks:
Yann Chambrier

Rob – thank you for your time, words and images. God speed.

Cast: Edwin Lee and Shawn Tse

Vietnam Cycle Challenge

Vietnam Cycle Challenge

Ozge stepped out of her comfort zone to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Research UK by embarking on a 450km cycle challenge from the North to the South of Vietnam. This is a visual memoir depicting her 10 day journey.

Her fundraising events caught a lot of attention in Milton Keynes – with a short interview aired on ITV News: itv.com/news/anglia/update/2013-08-19/cyclist-to-ride-length-of-vietnam-for-alzheimers-charity/

Her cycle challenge is over, but donations for Alzheimer’s Research UK are still accepted and appreciated 🙂

// filmed & edited by Mahmut Akay
Shot on the Panasonic GH2 + GoPro HD
Lenses: Olympus Zuiko f/1.8 45mm + Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

Cast: Mahmut Akay

The end of the road – Das Ende der Straße

The end of the road – Das Ende der Straße

The film documents the fate of the small village Pesch.
It is affected by the resettlement for brown coal mining Garzweiler II.
The resettlement of many other villages will follow or has already begun.

Der Film dokumentiert das Schicksal des kleinen Dorfes Pesch.
Wie viele andere Dörfer liegt auch Pesch im Bereich des zukünftigen
Braunkohletagebaus Garzweiler II im Rheinischen Braunkohlerevier.
Die Umsiedlung und der Abriss vieler anderer Dörfer wird noch folgen
oder hat schon begonnen.

DJI Phantom
DJI Zenmuse H3 2D
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

Cast: MPix

Malaysia Trip

Malaysia Trip

Our 4 weeks trip in Malaysia, across Borneo and the Malaysia peninsula, between rain forests and paradisiac islands, hike and scuba diving…
Once again, thanks very much to Opodo and Malaysia Airlines, who allow us to discover Asia for the fist time !!
Coming up next !

Quatre semaines de trip en Malaisie, à travers Bornéo et la péninsule Malaisienne, entre forêts tropicales et îles paradisiaques, randonnées et plongée sous-marine…
Encore un grand merci à Opodo et Malaysia Airlines, qui nous ont permis de partir pour la première fois découvrir l’Asie !!
A suivre !

Rejoignez-nous : facebook.com/plusdunmonde

Musique :
Shiko Shiko (シコシコ) – Aquapark (Magical Mistakes Remix)

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Cast: Plus d’un monde, Steve Boudin and Valentine Chauvin

Nepal & India: The Experience of Impermanence

Nepal & India: The Experience of Impermanence

2013, Travel Video, HD, 1’34”

We began our trip on 11th March in Kathmandu and ended up on 13rd May 2013 in Thiruvananthapuram. It was an endless exploration, breathtaking culture, once for a lifetime experience and yes; obviously we had lots of fun.

Music: Mumbai by Mike Barresi (Under Non-Commercial License)

Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 and supported with Canon EOS 60D.
Edited in the order it was shot.
Color Grading in Red Giant Magic Bullet.

My Personal Opinion about GoPro Hero 3 (White Edition):
Our Hero 3 was our third member during 63 days of traveling. To be honest, it was not a satisfactory at all and not a good teammate. Firstly, battery life was frustrating. We really regret about not having a backup battery. Avg. time for 1080p settings is 2 hrs., that’s what GoPro tells on its website. But our battery standed for mostly 1 hr. On the other hand, not having a LCD Touch makes it harder to frame what you capture so it was another regret. Next? It gave some SD errors or got frozen for 4-5 times without reason. Unfortunately all of that circumstances caused to miss some best moments of the trip. I highly recommend to have a backup battery if you’re travelling with GoPro and having a LCD Touch as well because while travelling it is almost impossible to repeat the shooting. It works randomly if you wanna something non-fiction!

I still believe that GoPro is perfectly ideal for capturing extreme-sports and self-documentation. But these were what I had experienced as a semi-pro user.

Cast: Efecan Kobo