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A quick preview of some footage we shot while on location in Pripyat and the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor. We shot over 3 hours of footage and we’ll be editing it over the next 2 months for our launch of WEWANNAGO travel diaries. This is a low quality output as I want to save the good stuff for the the final edit.

Shot with a Canon C300.

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Thanks for watching,
Christiaan Welzel

Cast: Christiaan Welzel

MiniLook Kiev

MiniLook Kiev

Created by Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski
Music: Adam Burns / Jez Burns – May Flowers

Наш блог: minilookkiev.blogspot.com/2012/03/minilook-kiev.html

Because of our sentiments to the city and the incoming spring, we bring you a miniature day in a life of Kiev.

The Making:
We shot MiniLook Kiev with Canon 550D, during 5 days and 2 nights, shoted over 25,000 frames,
from all of them we used about 4,500. The post-production was the hardest part of the creation, it took us a few good months, but finally it’s done!

Watch in HD! Enjoy the Kiev!

Один миниатюрный день из жизни всеми любимого Киева.

Мы снимали MiniLook Kiev на Canon 550D, в течении 5 дней и 2х ночей. Всего было отснято более 25,000 фотографий, из которых в само видео было отобрано лишь 4,500. Самой тяжелой частью работы оказался пост-продакшн: несколько месяцев мы провели за экранами, отбирая фотографии и собирая их в единое целое видео.

Наслаждайтесь городом! Смотрите в HD!