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Iceland Aurora – Chapter 4

Iceland Aurora – Chapter 4

Iceland Aurora is a non-narrative time-lapse film which captures the mesmerising Aurora Borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland. This is the 4th of 7 chapters, Watch the whole 7 chapter film here: vimeo.com/ondemand/25096

The music in this chapter is composed by Pétur Jónsson at anthemico.com – The whole film is available via. streaming or digital download through our Vimeo on Demand page and our website: icelandaurorafilms.com

Shot in more than fifty locations, the filmmakers spent one hundred and thirty nights over three years chasing green, purple and pink northern lights, as well as sunsets, sunrises, nocturnal clouds, starry skies, city scenes and barren moonlit landscapes.

Each of Iceland Aurora’s seven chapters showcases a unique aspect of the Icelandic winter, with matching scores from musicians Pétur Jónsson, Kajak and Yagya. Together, they will take you on a magical journey through the ideal Icelandic winter week!

Our official site: icelandaurorafilms.com
Contact: icelandaurorafilms@gmail.com

We are three independent filmmakers from Reykjavík, Iceland. Thanks to all our supporters for: Inspiration, Encouragement, Support, Motivation & Constructive Criticism throughout the whole production process. We couldn’t have done this alone!

Thanks to:
Elding Whalewatching (elding.is)
Grayline Iceland (grayline.is)
Shootools (shootools.com)
Icelandair (icelandair.com)


The film is a Borgarmynd Design Studio and TrailerPark Studios coproduction


Cast: Iceland Aurora Films, Snorri Thor Tryggvason, Arnþór Tryggvason and Petur K. Gudmundsson

Journey Through the Crimean Caves

Journey Through the Crimean Caves

The shooting took place in the ancient and most beautiful places of the Crimea during 4 months.
Mangoup, Tepe-Kerman, Chufut-Calais, Eski-Kerman, Kiz-Kerman, Kachi-Calyon, Shuldan, Sphinx Valley, Buckley, Inkerman, Balaklava, Chersonesus, Meganom, Cape Aya.

Created by:
Denis Fedorov
Eugene Bryohin

Soundtrack: Dark Patrick – Blessed Strangers

Downscaled from 4K.

Cast: Eugene Bryohin



This film was shot and written during my four week visit to Switzerland this summer. This is one of my favorite countries to visit and I hope to visit again soon. With so many beautiful things there, I came away with nearly 6 hours of footage that I somehow managed to cut to just 4 1/2 minutes.

Shot on: Canon 6D, Canon 60D, and GoPro
Music by: Dexter Britain

Cast: Kelden Peterson

Remains of the day

Remains of the day

Is it possible to catch remains of the day? You may judge by yourself watching this video.
My goal in creating this clip was to capture the atmosphere of mystery. I used NIK filters in post processing to achieve it.
Special thanks goes to music composer Dexter Britain (dexterbritain.co.uk). I used his song “From Truth” under Creative Commons license.

Cast: Piotr Wróbel



Shot in the U.S. Virgin Islands during my honeymoon vacation with my beautiful wife and best friend Saury.
All footage shot handheld on my Canon 7D with a Sigma 30mm F1.4 and Tokina 11-16 F2.8.

Music: Dreams Today by Efterklang from their Piramida album.
Check them out at efterklang.net

Dedicated to my beautiful wife Saury.


Cast: Diego Contreras




– This is a compilation of timelapses filmed in western Norway last summer.

– Locations include Ålesund, Trollstigen, Geiranger, the Briksdal glacier and Urnes & Kaupang stave churches.

Available in 4K resolution

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