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The Oostvaardersplassen is a nature reserve in the Netherlands, which is managed by the State Forestry Service. Covering about 56 square kilometres , it is noted as an example of rewilding. It is in a polder which was created in 1968, but in spite of the environment having little time to develop, by 1989 it had international importance as a Ramsar wetland.[1] (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oostvaardersplassen)

The time-lapse drawings were made with the app. explain everything on an iPad. The slow motions were made with a GoPro 3 (720 p 100 fps). Other shots were made with the panasonic HDC-SD10 camera.

If you want to see more videos of the Netherlands go to ‘Nederland in Beeld’: vimeo.com/channels/nederlandinbeeld

Garry B. made the music: Into Shore Blind Drift.( soundcloud.com/garry-b/into-shore-blind-drift )

Cast: Ben and Garry B

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Some days are great and it’s nice to capture these moments to share it. The video is made between Kampen and Wilsum along the river IJssel. (The Netherlands)


A New Ground – Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695)
MIDI sequence by David Cooke

uitvoering voor 1e viool, 2e viool, Cello en Contrabas
variatie ferrie = differentieel
2013 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

Cast: Ben and ferrie = differentieel