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Os presento mi último trabajo, un timelapse que es fruto de la recopilación de todas las secuencias nocturnas realizadas en mis viajes a Canarias en los últimos cuatro años. (2.011 – 2.014).
Ya lo he comentado en varias ocasiones y no voy a descubrir nada nuevo al decir que las Islas Canarias tienen unos de los mejores cielos a nivel mundial para realizar observaciones espaciales, de ahí que tengan instalaciones en las islas para estos fines con representación de multitud de países.
El timelapse que os presento está grabado en Tenerife (Parque Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide – 2.200 m), La Palma (Roque de los muchachos – 2.400 m) y El Hierro (Miradores de Malpaso y Jinama – 1.500 m).
Han sido muchas noches de disfrutar de auténticas maravillas mirando las estrellas, en unas ocasiones en compañía y otras en soledad.
Cuando te encuentras a solas con las estrellas en estos lugares tan privilegiados son muchos los sentimientos que te asaltan, te sientes infinitamente pequeño, casi diría que te encuentras a ti mismo.
También tengo que decir que para conseguir estas imágenes también ha tocado pasar frio, hambre y por qué no decirlo algún que otro “miedo”, de noche todo se magnifica.
Pero como siempre digo, una vez visto el resultado el esfuerzo merece la pena.
Por último dar las gracias a todos los que han compartido alguna noche conmigo por esas alturas y a todos los que me habéis enseñado a realizar este tipo de fotografía y por supuesto a los canonikos!!!.
La música del timelapse:
Guardians at the gate

Para cualquier consulta o dejo mi mail.
Imanol Mujika 2014
Mail: mujika015@euskalnet.net

Cast: Imanol Mujika

Journey Through the Crimean Caves

Journey Through the Crimean Caves

The shooting took place in the ancient and most beautiful places of the Crimea during 4 months.
Mangoup, Tepe-Kerman, Chufut-Calais, Eski-Kerman, Kiz-Kerman, Kachi-Calyon, Shuldan, Sphinx Valley, Buckley, Inkerman, Balaklava, Chersonesus, Meganom, Cape Aya.

Created by:
Denis Fedorov
Eugene Bryohin

Soundtrack: Dark Patrick – Blessed Strangers

Downscaled from 4K.

Cast: Eugene Bryohin



Just to clear it up at 1:30 into the film, that shot is a moon rise, not a sun rise as some people have asked.
Photographed over the course of three weeks in Johannisholm, Sweden. Dec 2012 – Jan 2013
With the sun setting around 3-4 pm each evening, this gave alot of opportunities to shoot at night.
Most of the time it would be waiting for just the right weather conditions, to capture the moon rise, and the Aurora.

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark 3, 60D and 550D. 100% RAW

Cast: Leigh Bloomfield and Torpedo Factory Films

Namibian Nights

Namibian Nights

It’s not easy to come up with something new when you visit the same place every year for more than a decade. Over the years Marsel has created the most extensive and most popular night photography portfolio of Namibia on this planet, and two years ago he decided it was time to take it to the next level.

The idea was to create a night photography timelapse video featuring his most popular subjects in this amazing country: the fairytale-like quivertrees and the eery, dead camelthorn trees in Deadvlei – something that had never been done before. But instead of going for static scenes, Marsel decided to add movement to the scenes by using a dolly system.

All scenes were shot during the night with Nikon D3, D3s and D4 cameras. We used small headlights for selectively lighting trees and rocks, and we sometimes used the moon. The brighter the scene, the more moon there was at the time. For the arch scene we timed our shoot exactly with moonset, which involved quite a bit of calculating and planning. But the hardest one of all was probably the mist scene in Deadvlei. Mist in Deadvlei only occurs around five times a year, so we had to keep a close eye on the weather predictions and many attempts were unsuccessful. When we finally got it right, the results far exceeded our expectations and show Deadvlei as no one has ever seen it before.

Each second of video consists of 30 photographs. In total, Marsel shot more than 16,000 images over a period of two years for this project.

The video won First Prize in the 2012 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards.

Marsel & Daniella

Director: Marsel van Oosten
Editor: Daniella Sibbing
Composer: Simon Wilkinson
Produced by: Squiver

Equipment used:
Cameras: Nikon D3, D3s and D4
Lenses: Nikon 14-24/2.8 and 24-70/2.8
Tripods: Gitzo
Dolly: Stage Zero, Dynamic Perception

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Cast: Squiver

Timelapse – Guernsey – Latvia – Sweden – Austria

Timelapse – Guernsey – Latvia – Sweden – Austria

90 000 pictures, 2 700 gigabaits, thosands of filmig hours in less then 5 minutes..
Enjoy! Share!

Best Viewed in Fullscreen and HD.

This year I have been in many different places around the Europe where I did a lot of different jobs.
– Autumn time shooting in beautiful Guernsey island, UK with amazing high and low tides in 8m of difference, when I have some working holiday,
– Spring time in Alps, Austria – working under Schneestern in one of the moust craziest snow projects in the world together with my team from Baltic Snowpark Agency.
– Then one non stop month in Sweden – jetty construction under company Sjoliv, building jetties arond the Stockholm archipelago.
– And summer time in here. back in Latvia, moustly around the house where I live, catching amazing views that sky’s shows every day!
So in one song I would like to show you what I catch with my stuff on those trips.

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Camera Equipment:
Canon 5D Mark 3 , Canon 550D , GOPRO 2
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM
Sigma 70-200 mm f/2.8 EX DG APO OS HSM
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Motion control for the timelapse shots were provided by the excellent Dynamic Perception Stage-Zero Dolly.

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Cinematography & Editing
Kaspars Daleckis

Cast: Kaspars Daleckis