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Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder “Just For Fun”, Serialism 021 (Official Video)

Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder “Just For Fun”, Serialism 021 (Official Video)

Artists: Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder
Title: Just For Fun
Rel. Title: Wide Close Up Ep
Label: Serialism
Cat.N. : Serialism 021

Release Date: September 2013

A False Manners Production

Video by:
FernandaMattos & FedericaMarchese

Filmed in: Sao Paulo – Brazil

Special Thanks to: Yara, Carol e Fabricio


Cast: False Manners Productions

After Midnight

After Midnight

LA has a reputation for being an early city. The bars close at 2:00am, and many people don’t even make it that late. Yes, there are pockets of late night activity to be found around the city, but all in all, LA is sleepier than many big cities during the early morning hours.

But, when viewed from a more macro perspective, it is obvious that the city is still very much alive, pulsing with activity and lots of people moving around. During a recent shoot at Mt. Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountains, I ended up staying fairly late and became enthralled with the level of activity in the city below. I made a number of subsequent trips back to see and capture more during the early morning hours. I was also lucky enough to catch the entire LA basin fogged in after 2:00am one night, resulting in the dark night sky making an appearance above the shrouded city.

Mt. Wilson is only one of over 50 locations I’m visiting around the LA area for an upcoming project. I can’t wait to share more of this city, both the known and lesser known. Suffice it to say, there is much more to LA than most people imagine.

Shot on Canon cameras and lenses.
Motion control by eMotimo TB3.
Processed with Adobe Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro.

About me: I shoot stock footage and photos, available directly or through Getty, Corbis, and others. I am also available to shoot custom footage for projects worldwide.

Follow me at:
Web: chrispzero.com
Twitter: twitter.com/chrispzero
Facebook: facebook.com/chrispzero

Music: Gui Boratto – Flying Practice. Album: III
Available at: itunes.apple.com/us/album/iii/id460437870

All images and footage © 2012 Chris Pritchard, all rights reserved.

Cast: Chris Pritchard



Metamorphosis is an experimental short film, filmed in and around Dublin, Ireland.
It is based on the fast, changing and ever-moving world around us, a world in constant transformation.
It begins with a mixture of shots that contemplate nature, with it’s tranquility and beauty.
Ensuing shots of fast-moving time-lapses of human activity create a sharp contrast with the nature shots.
The experimental short film builds in momentum and leaves us with an almost dizzying effect of busy-ness and constant motion that we might not always be aware of, and that takes us further away from nature and our deepest sense of self.