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Let the Sun Shine

Let the Sun Shine

It’s been a magical journey to get to where I am today. I want to thank everyone involved. 

This video documents one of the dreams I have had ever since I started becoming more involved with music. I actually thought this dream would take years. I thought it was something that I’d just keep in my mind until I was “older.”

Celebrate the success with us and get your own limited edition t-shirt here: [thedjchillwill.com/products-page/] the money goes toward new solar technology that will be able to power things portably that many people have only dreamed of!

With some help from some good friends it has been done. Solar Powered Sets. 

It still makes me smile.

If you want more check out thedjchillwill.com or facebook.com/theDJChillWill


This video was shot with GoPro and 7D. 

Roman filmed most of it.

I appreciate all the support and ideas!
 I also appreciate my sponsors and all their help! Check them out!

Originals of the music you hear here will be found from Fabian and Labyrinth.

Cast: DJ Chill Will and Man Ro